Vic & Nick's BBLBC - All the gossip from the BB RIP Party

Day 1 13:00
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Well it's the morning after the 'Billi Bhatti/Sam Pepper/Billi Bhatti/Big Brother final/Ok Magazine' party the night before, and Nick playfully remarks that it's the first time he's slept with a black man. The night quite ending up in the way that Vic had envisaged. Anyway, on with the goss.

The boys reveal that..

Sam Pepper is DATING Sara Folino

Allegedly. 21 year old Sam was seen leaving the party with the 29 year old. Vic said that if Sam is having ... er .. sexual relations with the Angelina Jolie lookalike, if he's buttering her muffin, he'll take back everything he said about him, and he wants Sam to TEACH him

JJ is SO good looking, blind women SMELL him when he walks in a room

Nick hadn't seen him before and thought JJ was a figment of his imagination. Vic noticed that the women were all over JJ, he was getting attention all over the place. Vic also want JJ to call him so he can get a piece of the action.

Andrew is a nice guy

Well, we knew that already. Victor's exchanged numbers with him. They decide that the Mole was also nice.

Ben and Mario didn't do the audition process

Or skipped some of it. Allegedly, of course. The boys don't want to risk being sued and end up on the streets begging for money

Nick gets confused over Rex and Darnell

He thinks they look alike, which surprises Victor that he could get an albino mixed up with a Jewish red-head.

Wolverine lookalike Marcus is a bit of tit sometimes was really cool last night

Marcus told Vic that there's a new Wolverine film coming out, and he's training for that, and Nick joked 'As a carpenter? Or as painter on the set?'

The show ended with Vic still disturbed that he and Nick ended up in bed together, despite being in the company of buxom women.

We're sure they'll get it sorted for next time.

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