Freddie "Halfwit" George-Fisher - Big Brother 10
Freddie "Halfwit" George-Fisher

Age (at start of series): 23

Home: Market Drayton

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Star Sign: Gemini

Status: --

Tweets from freddiefisher
.@chrischeuermann I mashed up your interview on The Now Show. Very funny and so true!
12 June 8.42pm
The EU is a marriage @BorisJohnson not a kidnapping. It's about consent, Boris. #EUreferendum #Brexit video:
18 May 6.15pm
My new sounds: What The Germans Think About The EU Referendum on #SoundCloud
3 May 10.29pm
Just made a donation to Britain Stronger In Europe
11 Apr 7.33pm
Can you change society? Of course. Society is always changing.
3 Apr 3.50am
My new sounds: Be Careful America on #SoundCloud
1 Mar 12.58am
Sign the petition: Londoners: we are part of Europe - Add your name today
29 Feb 6.18pm
@annasale for your moving city mix-tape: A New Career In A New Town by David Bowie
20 Jan 12.32am
I put myself forward as a sperm donor and was rejected. Why? Because I have dyslexia.
29 Dec 6.23pm
@timfarron Is there a video of your economy speech?
16 Dec 3 pm
Let's not tar Syrian refugees with the same brush as the terrorists they're running away from.
17 Nov 3.52pm
I hope this is the last First-Past-The-Post vote.
6 May 8 pm
The Yes campaign are offering all things to all people, but it's never that simple. I think No is safer. #LoveScotlandVoteNo
17 Sep 8.24pm
If sleep is for cissies... I guess I'm a cissie; as far as sleep is concerned.
29 Nov 9.44pm
Show the world we want a phone worth keeping! #phonebloks
29 Oct 6 pm
@alanbissett Homophobia, slut-stud hypocrisy, and sex-as-conquest mindset are toxic culture. Try this alternative:
12 Sep 6.25pm
If you like Dubstep, and you like Dean Friedman - this is just the little slice of madness you've been hoping for ;-D
26 Dec 3.11am
RT @rossjones: First pull request to #openbnf submitted, anyone else?
15 June 10.33am
When I go to make a cup of tea, 20% of the time I find a cup already there, cold and still brewing, forgotten from earlier.
15 May 7.54pm
Best thing about sunrise: birdsong
23 Mar 6.32am
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