Jay McKray - Big Brother 2011
Jay McKray

Age (at start of series): 27

Age (now): 35

Home: Newcastle

Occupation: Plumber/Fitness Instructor/DJ/Barber

Star Sign: Aries

Status: Single

Interesting facts: Last year he was rated the best looking lad in Newcastle in a local competition.
27 year old Jay loves the gym, the ladies and is a fan of the perma-tan.
He would cite his occupation as plumber, fitness instructor, DJ and barber. He stays in shape by working out six days a week which keeps him in good condition for hitting the clubs. Jay names his mum as his “best pal”.
Jay’s dream job would be either a singer, rapper or presenter like his idol Keith Lemon. Currently, Jay MCs and freestyles at clubs inNewcastleevery week.
He doesn’t tolerate bullies and says that a clean house will make him happy. He is excited about the tasks in the house and says he is up for anything.

Tweets from RealJayMcKray
Tuesday 8.25am
https://t.co/yfDKJ7zSNl check it out ☝️ https://t.co/mR5rLBByr7
Monday 6.57pm
Brother form another mother paul.johnson.9083 🤛 https://t.co/64FfcRHnL6
16 Mar 12.15am
Just bought these amazing candles and wax melts from Sweet Aromas. #sweeetaromaswax find them on instagram @sweetaromas_ on insta and Facebook !!! Unreal smells xxxxx https://t.co/m9cXTA7pLn
15 Mar 10 pm
Good nyt great people 👌 https://t.co/ZbvaI155SM
13 Mar 7.43am
Some view 👌 https://t.co/GO32W9nVMT
18 Feb 1.23pm
Windy up here 😜 https://t.co/UwWtSvps8q
18 Feb 1.23pm
Getting massive in Wales @toe2toefitness with richallen84 bosh 💪 https://t.co/BLWVyyzf2u
18 Feb 12.36pm
Ready for it https://t.co/cvP3XiXrM4
18 Jan 7.48pm
🎤🎤🎤 https://t.co/HpOo0jOrBJ
16 Jan 7.53pm
Good luck to my mate richallen84 who’s currently on @SAS_WDW4 , rock it brother 🤛 https://t.co/luaWjeQT3t
10 Jan 9 pm
Wor ronnie was so cute as a pup , he’s a monster now lol , https://t.co/zK6NXCcyfN
30 Dec 7.13pm
Pissed with me old girl lol 🍸, love ya ma https://t.co/MqoiPzMRFO
29 Dec 9.26pm
Many moons ago but what a frisk 😜 https://t.co/VPjr4y44Vi
29 Dec 9.25pm
Miss this set up 👍 https://t.co/JUaEJtsQKq
14 Sep 3 pm
What’s that all about like lol 💪 https://t.co/BjMTtk4ZuP
1 July 1.49pm
Massive https://t.co/B3DB9AsIcI
1 July 1.49pm
Pure beast davey sheldon like wow https://t.co/HFxeW6Hrdw
1 July 1.48pm
Trying to kidnap the Mac 😲 https://t.co/Jvhy7Z8oIb
1 June 9.10pm
Bouncing at Phil nd Stephen’s wedding...… https://t.co/L6hyTei8nu
1 June 9.03pm
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