Jem Palmer - Big Brother 2011
Jem Palmer

Age (at start of series): 28

Home: Birmingham

Occupation: Wrestler

Status: Single

She entered the house on Day 29 as a replacement for walker Mark Henderson.
Nominated for eviction in week 6, with Anton, Jay and Harry by Anton who had to choose one housemate as part of the crypt task.
Nominated for eviction with Aaron in week 7 when friends & famiy nominated instead of the housemates.
Jemma walked on Day 48

Interesting facts: Jem Palmer is the older sister of housemate Faye. Aged 28 from Birmingham, she is a professional wrestler, ex-Gladiator ‘Inferno’, bodybuilder and stunt woman who chased her dream to America before returning to live in the UK.
After a strict upbringing, the self confessed geek studied media at college and has done various jobs including working on a sewage plant. Spiritual Jem claims to have lived in a haunted house and finds the thought of an afterlife reassuring, saying that she has seen ghosts before.
Jem is very proud of her DD breasts. She is addicted to exercise and says her “tight body” is down to a strict diet and fitness regime which sees her eating egg whites and organic food and working out with Mixed Martial Arts.
She says that people often fancy her because of her muscles. She is excited about her Big Brother experience but worries that her views might put housemates off her as she is often seen as harsh. She is looking forward to what she thinks will be a “journey of self discovery.”

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@JoshLBarnett @missjessyjess Shitty people hurt my soul
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@HarryLHGFX @Torrie11 Put myself in uncomfortable situations which I know are good for me
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@missjessyjess I’m so sorry for you I hope karma gets them
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@JoshLBarnett @missjessyjess This is disgusting what’s wrong with some humans
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@RealsarayaK It’s terrible that this goes on in all industries but I’m glad that people are no longer scared to tal…
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@claudelittner Fortune favours you the brave 👏
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