Tom O'Connell - Big Brother 2011
Tom O'Connell

Age (at start of series): 20

Age (now): 27

Home: Solihull

Occupation: Assitant

Star Sign: Scorpio

Status: Single

Interesting facts: Thomas hasn’t been in love before and one of the things he dislikes in life is not having a relationship. Thomas isn’t looking for love but if it happened, he would pursue it.
Mika lookalike Thomas describes himself as funny, talkative and infectiously energetic. He studied Psychology before dropping out of university after finding it dull and went on to become a retail sales assistant. 20 year old Thomas admits to being a party animal and loves dancing and being the centre of attention. Self-confident, he says he once challenged Ms Dynamite to a dance-off but she declined because “clearly she knew she’d lose”. He says that sometimes he mimes along to sad songs in the mirror and is so good that he can move himself to tears.
Thomas’ luxury items are hairspray and wax but he says he won’t be preening himself especially for the cameras – he wants to treat the house as his home and says he won’t feel the need to dress up while he is in there.
Thomas won’t like people who sleep the day away and he can be quite nosy, asking too many questions. He thinks this may put off his fellow housemates.

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The shade of it all ????
20 Sep 7.33pm
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20 Sep 7.30pm
.@example + @Rickontour pick their top driving songs for Jag. Shocked my Aqua / Edith Piaf mix didn't make the cut...
20 Sep 9.11am
@corey_gooding can't wait to pop round for dinner. #Michelin
19 Sep 9.17pm
Just finished my first Italian lesson. I'll be singing #AndreaBocelli's version of La Vie en Rose perfectly by next week ????
19 Sep 9.17pm
@corey_gooding bare Oxo cubes
18 Sep 9.06pm
@niomismart hope you enjoy Birmingham hun! x
9 Sep 10.07pm
Father & Son ??
9 Sep 8.25pm
9 Sep 3.24pm
@ConradAllum @NewspressTweets of the year
9 Sep 3.15pm
@MrMarkByron you should know better than to use high street hair products. Who have you become? ??
9 Sep 1.41pm
@niomismart massive congrats! I predict a best seller ??
7 Sep 9.44pm
Sunday chill with the main man himself - #Sinatra
4 Sep 9.13pm
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The Brady Bunch on a liquid diet
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Your daily dose of Sunny Delight
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If you use 2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner (or even worse Body Wash) you don't love yourself ????
5 Aug 7.57pm
We come through with the money and the garter belts. Let him know we bout that cake straight out…
3 Aug 9.02pm
@AdamOakley_ I switched off on last year's too. The #CBB lineup looks good though. Not bad buddy - how you keeping?
26 July 10.13pm
@AdamOakley_ I managed two episodes this year. #CBB is always good though!
26 July 10.04pm
@McCons not Tic Tacs? ??
26 July 8.29pm
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24 July 9.41pm
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