Josie Gibson - Ultimate Big Brother
Josie Gibson

Age (at start of series): 25

Home: Bristol

Occupation: Financial Sales Rep

Star Sign: Aquarius

Status: Single?

Interesting facts: Country girl Josie could be the housemate to bring fun and laughter to the House with her big personality and wicked tales of mischief. Everyone in her village already sees her as a celebrity, since in her words 'they all know and love her'.

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@superdry it was about £45 from Glastonbury outlet village. Love it down there x
6 Jan 6.46am
RT @bbuk: What a night so far! @Rylan is going to have SO MUCH to talk about on #CBBBOTS tonight. 👏 Don't miss it, 11pm on @Channel5_tv #C…
5 Jan 10.08pm
5 Jan 10.02pm
Fuuuuck! Good job me got it on catch up!!! 🙌
5 Jan 9.51pm
Watching a documentary on channel4 about the Beatles.. I have a new found respect! They are seriously amazing!! Wow!
5 Jan 9.45pm
Awww love this pic of Matthew and Stormy
5 Jan 6.03pm
RT @VogueWilliams: Tonight on @RTEOne @BBCnireland is the new series of Getaways at 7pm! Here’s @TommyBowe14 and I trying to be cool in the…
4 Jan 8.28pm
@TheCobrasConk Yes xx 😔
4 Jan 5.44pm
@WintersSkemer just shut up now. His palms yeah right!
4 Jan 2.58pm
But you are commenting And calling me a liar. Just stop now.
4 Jan 12.35pm
@WintersSkemer @Campbell71Helen @SeanyJB69 What is wrong with you. Your men! He didn’t use the palms of his hands a…
4 Jan 11.27am
RT @georgieghirl: @Josiestweet A trained boxer shouldn't be hitting anyone outside the ring, let alone a woman. He should be struck off. As…
4 Jan 11.11am
4 Jan 9.38am
I know that but that’s exactly what he did. He used the same fists he uses in the ring on a very petite woman and m…
4 Jan 9.35am
Thank you. That means a lot.
4 Jan 9.34am
Would you put an 8 half stone woman in the ring with Tommy? We don’t want these kind of equal rights luv x
4 Jan 9.33am
You are tho aren’t you. People are sending me what your saying. So I suggest you speak to him about his actions and…
4 Jan 9.27am
You actually think I’ve sold a story about me strong punched and my friend getting seriously attacked. Oh no.. I pu…
4 Jan 9.25am
Great what your doing for the local area but tour actually sticking up for a bully and you know it…
4 Jan 9.21am
You know deep down what he’s done. If you know him you also know it’s not the first time. Your just making yourself…
4 Jan 9.17am
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