Vic & Nick's BBLBC #5 - with featured guest Vanessa Feltz

Day 12 02:35
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BBLBC #5 with Vanessa Feltz
BBLBC #5 after show chat

In today's show Nick and Victor speak to Vanessa Feltz about the Josie and John James romance, which she thinks is for real, and the Shabby and Caoimhe affair, likening Caoimhe to BB10's Noirin.

And the opinions are strong in this one.

She reckons that Caoimhe led Shabby on, Noirin style.

She believes that John James has genuine affections for Josie.

Says Josie's sweet personality won the whole nation over.

And says that any celeb that blunders in and tramples over Josie's dreams are insensitive bastards who need to shut the f**k up.

Just the kind of contentious, hard hitting material that the boys are looking for,

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