Wednesday, 19 January, 2022
Big Brother's Little Brother's Cousin
Victor & Nick present the pilot episode of BBLBCVictor & Nick brings you the pilot episode of BBLBC - Big Brother's Little Brother's Cousin. The show in which they bring to you their unique perspective on their fellow housemates.
Vic & Nick's BBLBC #2 - Majorettes Task & Nominations ResultsIn tonight's BBLBC, Vic & Nic discuss todays Majorette task and reactions to the nominations results.
Vic & Nick's BBLBC #3 - Brian Dowling interviewedContinuing with their Big Brother's Little Brother's Cousin show, they interview housemate Brian, pretending it's a task given to them by Big Brother.
Vic & Nick's BBLBC #4 - with Makosi as featured guestTonight's Big Brother's Little Brother's Cousin is having to be aired earlier with everyone still awake, and with the ongoing conga task. But the boys manage to squeeze an interview out of Makosi.
Vic & Nick's BBLBC #5 - with featured guest Vanessa FeltzIn today's show Nick and Victor speak to Vanessa Feltz about the Josie and John James romance, which she thinks is for real, and the Shabby and Caoimhe affair, likening Caoimhe to BB10's Noirin.
Vic & Nick's BBLBC #6 - with featured guests, EVERYONE!!Victor and Nick suspect sabotage by Big Brother as tonight's broadcast is interrupted by first Preston, then all the remaining housemates invade the 'studio'. The boys struggle for an explanation.
Vic & Nick's BBLBC #7 - Brian Dowling Trivia & Who Will Win UBB?On tonights show, the boys bring you Brian Dowling Trivia, the effects of last night's stitch up by Big Brother, and discussion on who will win the series.
Vic & Nick's BBLBC #8 - Vic's Impossible Task Day & Is This Nick's Last Night?Tonight's Big Brother's Little Brother's Cousin show features the impossible day Victor had task wise, and the possibility of this being Nick's last night.
Vic & Nick's BBLBC #9 - Vanessa returns as guest to discuss show favouritismTonight Vanessa reveals how she feels about the house this time around as compared to her last stay. Vanessa and the boys bemoan the reward for today's dancing task, and discuss the show favourites
Vic & Nick's BBLBC - After the After Show PartyThe boys are out the house, and on YouTube to discuss Wayne Rooney's infidelities, their views on Sam Pepper and Nadia's suicide watch, who did and didn't attend the wrap party, and upcoming parties.
Vic & Nick's BBLBC - After Josie's Reunion PartyTodays BBLBC takes place the day after Josie's reunion party. Nick comments on the Josie & John James couple, and the irritating Sam Pepper, and Victor thinks someone intended to spike his drink.
Vic & Nick's BBLBC - All the gossip from the BB RIP PartyAfter sharing a cosy night together in a hotel room bed (ahem), the boys regale us with the goss from last night's party. Who's Sam Pepper dating? Do Rex and Darnell look alike? The boys reveal all.
Vic & Nick's BBLBC - After Spencer's Wedding / Get Laid Or Die TryingThe boys present this show LIVE from the hotel room after attending BB3 Spencer Smith's wedding. Nick also attended Michelle Bass's wedding. Victor is miffed that he doesn't get laid more often.
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