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Video clips and additions requested  (Please use Facebook or Twitter to make requests)
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Hello again! umm,,,just wondering if you could put up day 39 highlights as well. thanx soo much Joe87 17/10/2009 18:35:47 Yes, will go on after Highlights Day 38.
Ello do u ava the whloe lf of day 29 thank u also do u ava any big mouth or bblb 2 put up cheers Jess 17/10/2009 18:26:14 Locating clips for Overnights 29
Yes, Big Mouths and BBLB's will be put up when time is available.
Could u plz have the full lf of day 42 where rodrigo and charlie and noirin were messing about in the pool thank u also do u lf of day 32 cheers x Dani 17/10/2009 18:21:32 Will continue checking, but nothing seems to be available for Overnights 42. Possibly was an early night for the housemates.
Overnights Day 32 is already up
Hey! would u be able to put the highlight show from day 38 up please? thanku :) Joe87 17/10/2009 17:19:13 Locating clips
Thanks, so much for uploading all of these hilights and especially the overnight clips, it's greatly appreciated. If possible could you upload day 19, 20 and 21 overnight footage. Thank you. Abyssinian Angel 17/10/2009 13:13:12 Overnights Day 19 & 20 has now been uploaded/
Locating Overnights Day 21 clips
Do you have the full overnight coverage of day 15,22,36,37 and 39 thanks Rowntree 15/10/2009 04:46:25 Overnights 15 is currently being processed
Overnights 22 should be available, but not yet located
Overnights 36 (initially not showing, thanks Anna) very short and has been uploaded
Overnights 37 has been uploaded
Overnights 39 should be available, but not yet located
Hi there, do you have overnights for day 19 and 20...tudor task thank you Ellie 14/10/2009 19:39:17 Overnights Day 19 & 20 have now been uploaded.
Do you have the overnight coverage of day 37. Bez 10/10/2009 22:38:15 Overnights Day 37 has been uploaded.
Hello! do u have the overnight and the highlight show from day 32 by any chance? when charlie and roddy were playfighting in the garden? xx Bryony 10/10/2009 16:52:18 Overnights and Highlight Show Day 32 now uploaded.
Hi do you have the overnight to put up where they had the school disco in the living room, either day 25/26? thanks for all the clips so far! Anna 09/10/2009 12:25:42 Overnights Day 25 now uploaded.
Do u have overnight for the night of freddies birthday... the one where sophie gets very drunk! Lily 07/10/2009 19:22:34 Overnights Day 18 now up.
Hi, is there any chance of you putting up the rest of the live feed to day 83, thank you!! Hannah 06/10/2009 23:31:07 After searching, there's nothing after Siavash in the shower, as it was seemed they'd all gone to sleep, except Siavash.
Apologies if anything happened after that.
Added a longer version of clip #7, which is all there is available, unfortunately.
Hi Thanks for all the clips. Have you got the whole of the live feed for day 51 I think it was. I know you have some of it up now but for the whole night. Thanks Toni 06/10/2009 23:17:46 A whopping 14 clips now added.
Hiya! Is there any chance you could put up the highlight show from day 11? thanx Pinky85 06/10/2009 17:59:55 Highlight show days 9,10 & 11 are now up.
Hi - just want to say a big thanks 2 bigbroweb you are doing a brilliant job! was just wondering, are you planning to put anymore highlight shows up soon? thanks again :) Helen 06/10/2009 16:27:04 Yes. Highlight show days 9,10 & 11 are now up, with hopefully averaging one per day going up.
Hi, I was just wondering if you would be putting up the rest of the highlights shows up at some point? thank you so much - this is a really cool website. James 02/10/2009 08:41:33 Yes, they'll all be going up.
Aiming to do at least one highlight a day from now on.
Just like to say a big thank you to Big Bro web for putting overnight 33 for me. Can you put all the overnights from day 6 until the new housemates arrive. This is the first time i've seen BB and trying to see the relationship between Charlie and Rod from the beginning. I'm from Hong Kong and need to rely on the internet but only can find later LF but not the earlier ones, Thanks again ! Christy 02/10/2009 00:13:49 Yes, they'll all be going up, generally in day order but priority on requests.
And the incomplete Overnights will be completed.
The first Overnights was just after the new housemates arrived.
Hi, is there any chance of you putting the rest of the LF up for day 46 please, thanks :) Daisy 01/10/2009 08:07:20 Additional clips now added
Do you have the overnights for days 9 and 10 please? thanks Anna 30/09/2009 07:10:45 Overnights 9 + 10 now uploaded.
Hi Can you please add the live feed from "Beergate" (the night Sree was evicted) Thanks Lisa 29/09/2009 19:24:39 Available Overnights Day 30 clips have been added.
Would it be possible for you to put the highlights shows back up? thanks Sarah 28/09/2009 09:42:39 The highlight shows (uploaded so far, they're still being put up) are still on the site.
You'll find them using
Work is being done to make finding clips easier, apologies for any difficulties in the meantime.
Hi, I would love to see the time after the hologram messages were played into the house and see how Rodrigo made up with Charlie. The time after Rod's messasge to before they were joking together about Bea's message in the bedroom. Lisa 27/09/2009 13:27:40 Unless Overnights Day 74 is found to be incomplete, then maybe it'll be on Highlights Day 74, which is now up.
Hello, Would you please locate 2 small sections...the first is after "Poolgate" Charlie and Roddy had the breaking of the ice convo in the hall with Hira and then the convo in the kitchen....and later we read Roddy jumped out to scare Charlie 30 mins later...Is it possible to knit all these events together?....The second request...after the HMs viewed hologram msgs from home..Rodrigo and Charlie hadn't spoken for a day after "Sheepgate" and Roddy didn't hug Charlie after he came in crying but you could see he wanted to...later they hugged in the kitchen and buried the hatchet...Would it be possible to locate that piece of video?..Thank you very much!!!! Seven14 27/09/2009 12:57:58 If any of the relevant Overnight/Highlights/BBLB clips are suspected to be incomplete then please inform us.
Guessing that "Poolgate" is Day 64? Where Halfwit was thrown in the pool? Overnights Day 64 is fairly complete, but will review.
Highlight & Overnights Day 44 now on
Highlight Day 64 is to go up
Breaking of the ice with Hira? Is that the day she entered (Day 44)?
For the second request, the Overnights for that time period (Day 74)is fairly complete, and the Highlights Day 74 is now up.
Do you have any more of day 60 overnight? the clip ends ubruptly with Charlie sitting/ standing by Rodrigo's bed. Thanks Maggie 27/09/2009 10:41:30 Yes. Additional clip found and added, including more of Charlie and Rodrigo chatting in bed.
Hello and thanks for this amazing site and all you have given us already. Please if you still have it would you be able to put up any live feed you have for day 51, Im dying to see the argument between Tom and Marcus agin. Also do you have the whole of Rabbit gate the artermarth were Noirin was ranting to Marcus in the living room. Thanks a lot :) Titfortat 27/09/2009 01:06:52 There's quite a bit already on Overnights Day 51 but searching out additional clips.
Overnight Day 35 added.
Pls can i see overnight 33, when Charlie finally can speak after his no talking ban. Christy 27/09/2009 00:40:26 Available clips for Overnights Day 33 added.
Hi, just wanted to ask if you still have overnights from day 59 after 3am where Charlie was in bed with Rodrigo and Bea and Freddie were whispering. Thx. Lynz 26/09/2009 22:16:04 Captured footage ends with Rodrigo sitting on Charlies bed while talking to him.
Available clips for Overnights 59 have been added.
Could you please put on the rest on the LF for the night day day59/60 thanks Samantha 26/09/2009 21:41:44 Available clips for Overnights 59 have been added.
would you be able to put the LF on when Charlie got drunk and started flirting with freddie, angel and sree on soon please? I've not seen that yet Emma 26/09/2009 10:49:45 The available clips for Overnights Day 16 have been added
could you put up the overnights from the night angel got evicted please? and also days 29 and 30 as they're missing off screenshot database thankyou :) daisy 23/09/2009 06:31:42 Overnights 23 available clips added
just wondered - are you going to post any earlier Live Feed?
Could you put the rest of day 48 on? It's not all on there...
Rebecca 20/09/2009 19:40:06 Available clips added
Hi I was wondering if you still have the other parts of the live feed from day 50 when Charlie & Rodrigo were with Marcus outside the Jail? Also, do you have the live feed from day 43 before Rodrigo put the oil on Charlie's bed? Cheers Lisa 20/09/2009 14:14:55 Available clips added
will you be putting up any of the earlier live feed overnights from before all the newbies entered etc?? cant find any early live feeds from the first 5/6 weeks anywhere! would love to see them lil123 20/09/2009 10:57:54 All available overnights, highlights, bblb's and big mouths will be going up
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