Vic & Nick's BBLBC - After the After Show Party

Day 1 15:58
By BigBroWeb

The boys are out the house, and are a little worse for wear after last night's party, but it doesn't stop them from getting on YouTube to bring us another episode of Big Brother's Little Brother's Cousin.

From a hotel room, the twosome give some info on who and who didn't attend last night's wrap party.

The following are the views of Nick & Vic, are are to be taken tongue in cheek, as is the nature of the BBLBC show.

The boys tell us that Nadia didn't attend the wrap party as she's still on suicide watch and speaking to the Samaritans. She's also trying to sue Endemol because she didn't win the series. and she's doing this despite the fact she was helped gratuitously to victory by Endomol back in 2004's Big Brother 5.

Chantelle didn't attend, and neither did Michelle, who was probably hypnotised by her boyfriend and was left standing facing a wall for a few hours.

Sam Pepper is believing his own hype, but it'll probably wear off after three months of no work.

Victor extracted a scared apology out of the young boy after he tried to take a picture of Victor urinating. Silly boy.

The boys are looking forward to forthcoming parties. Josie's having one on Thursday and Billy Bhatti's throwing one next week.

The boys then move onto the subject of Wayne Rooney's infidelities, and decide that it's quite natural for a man to have sex with many women. Victor did question the quality of Rooney's earlier, much older squeeze, who he described as a 'mess'.

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