Diagnosis Dawnuss

Day 66 00:30
By Dawnuss

Dale Howard became the 8th housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother House with 63% of the public vote. The 21 year old lost out to his best buddy Stu and left without nailing any f***y.

The teaching student's memorable moments included his succesful karate chop, spit-gate - where he defended Jen's honour, becoming Head of House where his attempts to ruffle feathers and get housemates to nominate him failed, the Superstitious task where he and Stu stripped down to tight black speedos (mmmmmh... gratuitous ogling) and the look on his face when his VT was aired.

Dale quickly became close to Jennifer, though their relationship seemed somewhat one-sided. He did all the chasing and she did all the sitting.... on the fence. She kept him guessing and gave out mixed signals. Dale felt threatened when Stu arrived but then was devastated when Jennifer got the boot and was often seen looking forlorn. Yet, as is what usually happens, he blossomed and became much more interesting without her around.

Dale had a good chance of staying in the house right until the very end had he not moaned about wanting to leave, though he seemed genuinely happy when Davina called out his name.

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