Poll: 9th Eviction - Stuart or Rachel - Who do you want to go?

Day 69 17:38
By BigBroWeb
Chick pea or Chicken Stu

Stuart Pilkington and Rachel Rice face the public vote this week.

But who do you want to go?

Both you'd call nice but boring in different ways. However they have had their highlights.

Stuart was actively involved in SpitGate and is now the only remaining member of that group. He's also been involved in two love trianagles, though he's not really involved himself in the one with Darnell and Sara.

Rachel's action tends to be more at the receiving end of Rex's bullying.

Perpetrators and victims are part and parcel of a good story, so 'boring' Rachel is making a worthwhile contribution here.

Anyway, enough waffle.

It's votey time.

BB9 - 9th Eviction - Rachel & Stuart - Who do you want to go?
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