5th eviction nominations revealed - Who do you want booted out?

Day 27 09:10
By BigBroWeb
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The nominations result that Halfwit was relishing has come to pass.

For the fourth time, Halfwit (Freddie George-Fisher) and and first time nominee Sree Dasari, face the public vote this week.

Halfwit comes as no surprise. He still is seen as sitting outside the main group.

Sree's love/hate relationship with Noirin Kelly, his constant bitching, the GarlicGate row and his performance in the Extreme School Sports Day task is seen as bringing the house down.

So both outcasts have been thrown to the tender mercies of the voting public.

So now, who to save? And who's Big Brother life will expire?

BB10 5th Eviction - Who to give the boot to?
Halfwit (Freddie)(19%)
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