Poll - 6th eviction - Charlie, Dogface, Halfwit, Kris and Marcus

Day 34 19:27
By BigBroWeb
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After this weeks nominations, Halfwit and Marcus face the public vote. But an unusual turn of events resulted in Dogface, Kris and Charlie joining them.

Halfwit (Freddie) and Marcus got the most votes and it would have been one of the two to go on friday, but Charlie, Dogface and Kris were punished for talking nominations.

They were each given a chance of escape and told to keep quiet for a few hours, but each of them blew that chance.

Mere details, but the main thing is ...

Who do you want to GET OUT!!!!

Vote in our poll, (pretty please).

BB10 6th Eviction - Who's time in the house do you want to finish?
Dogface (Sophie)(3%)
Halfwit (Freddie)(12%)
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