Poll - 7th Eviction - Karly, Noirin, Siavash or Dogface?

Day 40 19:09
By BigBroWeb
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Karly and Noirin find out they join Dogface and Siavash in facing eviction

The nominations results are in, and it's official.

Karly Ashworth, Noirin Kelly, Siavash Sabbaghpour and Dogface (Sophie Reade) face eviction this week.

And Halfwit (Freddie) will be relieved that it's the first week he hasn't been nominated for eviction.

Karly and Noirin are the two who received the most nominations.

Siavash was punished for trying influence nominations during the rabbit row. Dogface likewise when she asked to be put up for eviction after her man, Kris Donnelly had his tenancy revoked on friday. Both were given a chance to redeem themselves by refraining from swearing for a few hours but their foul mouths got the better of them.

Enough banter. It's poll vote time.

BB10 7th Eviction - Who to evict?
Dogface (Sophie)(5%)
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