Poll: 9th Eviction ... Who do you want to SAVE from getting the boot?

Day 62 18:53
By BigBroWeb
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It's Marcus and Siavash's fault

Marcus and Bea received the most nominations this week.

However Marcus tried to influence nominations and Siavash refused to nominate, even though Big Brother warned him there'd be consequences for all the housemates.

And so it has come to pass. Because of Marcus and Siavash, they all face the public vote.

Take note, it's a POSITIVE vote. The voting lines are open for who you'd like to SAVE.

And you can also vote in our poll for who you'd like to stay in for another week.

Either because you like them, or you think your choice is a pest and you'd like to see them annoy the others for another week at least.

The choice ... is yours.

BB10 9th Eviction ... Who to keep in the house?
Dogface (Sophie)(8%)
Halfwit (Freddie)(9%)
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