Poll: Halfwit's Changing Fortunes

Day 68 05:44
By BigBroWeb

Halfwit has been having a hard time of it the last couple of days, and some of the housemates have been turning on him.

Marcus wasn't happy with his reaction to the discovery of the ciggie stash.

Charlie had a go at him about him repetitively talking about people plotting and scheming.

Last night Bea had a go at him about him over analysing everything, and being negative and paranoid.

He was favourite to win the show for quite a while, but since the weekend, with some bookies, he's been overtaken by Siavash, Dogface and Charlie,

Is this negative attention he's been receiving warranted, or is it back to days of old where he was being picked on?

Is he now being found out, and it's about time too?

Will he bounce back, as he's being picked on, and will get the sympathy/support vote?

Is he already a winner, and too good for that house, and doesn't need the negativity?

Or don't you care about him?

Maybe you might care to vote in our poll?

Halfwit's Changing Fortunes.
He's going down, he's been found out(36%)
He'll rise up again, he's being picked on(34%)
He's a winner no matter what(24%)
Don't care about him(6%)
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