Poll: Who broke Siavash's heart?

Day 60 07:52
By BigBroWeb

If there was a strange creaking noise emanating from your telly box over the last week, don't go calling the repair man just yet. It was the sound of Siavash's heart breaking.

He was so close bagging to the prize trophy of Noirin Kelly herself. He was within sight of succeeding where others in the house had failed. And also there was all those magazine deals to be had of course. Gutting.

But all those hopes and dreams were cruelly dashed when Isaac, the man from Ohio said "Daddy's BACK!!" as he entered the house, and Noirin instantly became surgically attached to the American.

But who's fault was it?

Noirin's for leading him on? Giving him hope then taking it and shoving it in the shredder?

Bea's for flirting with him, and bringing out the competitive instinct in Noirin? It's not as though she was interested in him afterwards. She was playing with him herself.

Big Brother's for flying Isaac across the Pond and bringing him into the house? And who could Siavash turn to for comfort in the diary room? The very same Big Brother who executed the ex plan. Cruel twist.

Or The Vash's himself for being so rash and gullible? He chucked his own girlfriend in a heartbeat, and was making plans for the future moments after the first kiss.

You can take your time before voting on our poll.

But we suspect you already have your answer ready.

Who broke Siavash's heart?
Noirin - she reeled him in, then spat him out.(45%)
Bea - She flirted with him, which pushed Noirin.(1%)
Big Brother - They brought in her ex.(11%)
Himself - He shouldn't be so gullible.(43%)
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