Vic & Nick's BBLBC - After Josie's Reunion Party

Day 1 15:08
By BigBroWeb

The latest edition of BBLBC comes hot off the heels of Josie's reunion party.

The boys decide they love both Josie and John James but Nick thinks that they go as well together as a Baileys and tomato juice.

Victor comments on the fact that Shabby always wears the same clothes, and reveals that a jilted ex lover of Lady Sov was chasing her around the party.

Victor reckons that OK Magazine's Layla blew a situation out of proportion by writing an article saying that he and Shabby had a bust up, yet Shabby was unable to confront him as she was off her face on substances, in his view.

Victor also claimed that his friend had his drink spiked, which Victor believes was meant for himself.

The boys joked again about the imbalance of the tasks given to Brian Dowling and to them by Big Brother, saying that before they left the house they had to attack the Chinese Army while Brian merely had to dance with other flamboyant housemates.

They also joked that the next show may come courtesy of the Jobcentre cctv.

Nick once again states just how irritating Sam Pepper is, but Victor admitted to buying the young lad a lemonade.

The boys ended the show with a teaser for the next show, where they'll reveal EXCLUSIVELY which two housemates didn't audition for Big Brother, and went straight to the finals.

Can't wait for that one, then.

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