Vic & Nick's BBLBC - After Spencer's Wedding / Get Laid Or Die Trying

Day 1 19:17
By BigBroWeb

The boys present this show LIVE from the hotel room after attending BB3 Spencer Smith's wedding. Nick also attended Michelle Bass's wedding.

Victor is miffed that he doesn't get laid more often, and decides that action will have to be taken so he will get some 'action' on their future outings.

The boy's reveal that Nadia was Michelle's wedding, looking happy.

And Nick managed to get Spencer Smith and BB3's PJ confused, which ... confused Victor.

Nick was also annoyed that even though both Spencer and Michelle were paid for their weddings by OK Magazine and by television, there wasn't a free bar.

Victor also gives thanks to forum memebers on Digital Spy for their support of the BBLBC shows.

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