Nabeel 'Billi' Bhatti - Big Brother 8
Nabeel 'Billi' Bhatti

Age (at start of series): 25

Home: Uxbridge, Middlesex

Occupation: Model

Star Sign: Scorpio

Status: Single

Interesting facts: Billi has a passion for WWE wrestling. His worst fear includes waking up with a shaved head. He says that "gorgeous girls, money and attention" make him happy but denies being shallow. He is confident, admits to being vain and says looking out for himself is number one. He enjoys going to the gym and plays football regularly.

Tweets from billibhatti
@DPSnacks I don't why you keep posting that like a dumb sad cunt. We don't run it, don't own it, don't talk about i…
25 Sep 4.19am
Remember when @davemeltzerWON said Emma was ONLY put in the title match to be pinned! ?? But we just simply forgive…
25 Sep 4.17am
The Wrestling Observer summed up in two tweets. Reported guesswork as fact, got caught out as a fake, and then pan…
25 Sep 4.13am
@orilex8 Hold on?? WTF ?????? And he's a source!!
25 Sep 4.10am
@WRESTLEZONEcom Yes, he's gone, because we reported it and we are the only source that's over 95% credible, which N…
25 Sep 4.08am
@DirtySheetsPod KEEP saying Brock retains until Mania & loses to Roman. Seeing as we are 97% right, why are you idiots surprised? #NOMERCY
25 Sep 4.05am
@ProWrestlingMag You were sucking them off and giving them SummerSlam 2 hours ago!!! ??
25 Sep 4 am
Knew absolutely nothing. Took a stab in the dark. Was completely wrong. Typical of the Observer, they have ZERO sou…
25 Sep 4 am
@ProWrestlingMag @dismissible People shouldn't give me shit and then not expect it back!! Especially when they are worthless
25 Sep 3.51am
@dismissible @ProWrestlingMag Little? I'm 6 foot 2 and I'll put in a fucking coma you little prick
25 Sep 3.50am
@ProWrestlingMag Why? Cos I expressed my opinion about what I want to see and what I do NOT, like your account does…
25 Sep 3.49am
???????????? Change his nappy someone
25 Sep 3.47am
That's cos people are fucking morons. A point that was made evident today on my timeline. Vocal minority = Cunts w…
25 Sep 3.45am
@ProWrestlingMag Yes. It's last min panic booking. Show was meant to be- TLC IC match Miz vs Roman vs Balor vs Wyat…
25 Sep 3.34am
Like @DirtySheetsPod EXCLUSIVELY reported, Roman wins and now Cena will return to SmackDown to feud Jinder. You're welcome #NoMercy
25 Sep 3.18am
RT @WWEPPorn: RT if you'd rather C the Nikki Bella booty... #BootyClub #WWE #NoMercy #DWTS #WWENoMercy
25 Sep 3 am
@JimmyHavoc @TheTroyT Yet, you can't leave me alone. It's okay, I know you appreciate that I single handily aided…
25 Sep 2.45am
@ProWrestlingMag Most of it. Between flicking on to NFL. Multi woman crap, been done to death. Wanna see Alexa in a…
25 Sep 2.44am
Well, that's the boring and irrelevant part of the show done. I barely stayed awake. #NoMercy2017
25 Sep 2.36am
Trust me, nobody wants to put their hands on you sweetheart. I'd rather go to a park and pick up dog shit
25 Sep 2.15am
@iamedmundo @DirtySheetsPod @chillhartman I've blocked him. He's a fat moron. We have better sources, hence why we…
25 Sep 2.04am
@MrMcfidlestick @WWEPPorn You mean my son? You fucking retard
25 Sep 2.02am
@TheGreatHB @Danlaw83 @JANELABABY How about you suck my dick, you sad little worthless cunts ????
25 Sep 1.55am
I don't follow any of the women in the WWE. Everything I'm bothered about is covered by my friends @WWEPPorn ????
25 Sep 1.44am
@orilex8 @JamiePatRoberts That's sexual harassment?? ???????????????????????? I'm done. ???????
24 Sep 9.13pm
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