Mario Marconi - Big Brother 9
Mario Marconi

Age (at start of series): 43

Home: Warrington

Occupation: Home Office

Star Sign: Gemini

Status: In a relationship

Tweets from MarioBB9
Open All Hours ..
24 Feb 6.48pm
@truefriend4eva she just stood next to JB in photo - so all the girls excited ha ha enjoy x
24 Feb 5.48pm
@truefriend4eva @olivia_astbury once was enough 4 me ha ha x
24 Feb 5.43pm
@olivia_astbury that's great view - u girls SCREAM. - dad x
24 Feb 5.42pm
@olivia_astbury hey glad Justin B was lovely with u - he rocks - amazing - u girls enjoy da gig x
24 Feb 5.39pm
RT @olivia_astbury: @MARIOBB9 I know ahh:D xx
24 Feb 4.38pm
Enjoy meeting Justin B - again - any min now - woo - @olivia_astbury xx
24 Feb 4.36pm
@karend7 mine was a donkey - well done u x
24 Feb 4.11pm
@SpeccyChap :)
24 Feb 1.57pm
@maureenwilcox1 cheers hun u2 x
24 Feb 1.57pm
@maureenwilcox1 head above water - enjoy ur weekend x
24 Feb 1.34pm
@karend7 did u win - i didnt - fab day :)
24 Feb 1.34pm
6 Nations time - let the weekend commence
23 Feb 1 pm
@VickiFilm #happyweekend :)
23 Feb 12.44pm
2013 World Press Photo Awards Announced via @TIMEPictures
23 Feb 11.51am
@thekeithchegwin Harrys ur double - lucky sod :)
23 Feb 11.44am
@Oona_King AGREED - whats all the cafuffle about - $$$$ ha ha x
23 Feb 11.16am
@olivia_astbury next gig coming up - Justin B - twice in one week - live the dream xx
22 Feb 5.03pm
RT @olivia_astbury: @MARIOBB9 ahah I don't mind;p xx
22 Feb 5 pm
@DrAnitaBDhunna u2 Doc x
22 Feb 4.25pm
RT @Charles_HRH: Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, and now Oscar #Pistorius. Nike should start telling their athletes "Don't Do It".
22 Feb 4.20pm
If #Pistorius skips bail - Blade Runner II
22 Feb 2.26pm
Keep calm and eat a custard cream
22 Feb 2.13pm
RT @Charles_HRH: Oscar #Pistorius has been granted bail. Hopefully he doesn't decide to do a runner.
22 Feb 1.29pm
RT @adilray: Very peculiar. Despite sum up. He shot someone four times without thinking apparently and has millions in bank. Yet given b ...
22 Feb 1.27pm
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