Michael Hughes - Big Brother 9
Michael Hughes

Age (at start of series): 33

Home: Ayrshire

Occupation: Radio producer

Star Sign: Libra

Status: Single

Tweets from mikeyhughesbb9
@JINJAJAZZERS OMG! did not even notice that, Andy, what did u do in Trainspotting? I put down as fav film for BB producers.
3 Dec 1.15am
#housemusic #trancemusic binary finary1998 & "You want to be free" mixed by mikey. http://twaud.io/q3mt
3 Dec 1 am
@j3sShootingStar ta for follow, love your bio, especially loving kittens.
2 Dec 11.48pm
#housemusic OldVnew!: Tony Di Bart Real Thing 1994 & Air One Inside Electro 2009 mixed by Mikey http://twaud.io/q3m5
2 Dec 11.25pm
@Jigsaw_Helper i was worried about it falling out in BB, is front at top in middle.
2 Dec 9.39pm
@Jigsaw_Helper looks like a weekend of sielence, don't think until early next week, not going out the door.
2 Dec 9.29pm
@Jigsaw_Helper will see how it goes, sometimes after dentist I just need to go to bed.
2 Dec 9.21pm
@Emma____x i will try and get another dentist, should make a better job than last one.
2 Dec 8.51pm
@Jigsaw_Helper can't talk at mo, due to the missing tooth, feel all funny.
2 Dec 8.39pm
@Emma____x definately starting not to be funny now, I recall my dentist is off on a Friday!
2 Dec 8.36pm
#housemusic I Believe Happy Clappers & Technocat Tom Wilson mixed by Mikey http://twaud.io/q3lV
2 Dec 8.28pm
@Jigsaw_Helper that reminds me of comedian Frank Carson :"It's the way I tell 'em".
2 Dec 7.02pm
@Lucybartholomew i would be rich if tooth fairy was real, the number of times this same crown has broke and fallen out.
2 Dec 6.54pm
@lukemarsden dentist would not be happy if tooth was all cat hairs, kitten was on my lap at the time, but i held the tooth to stop falling
2 Dec 6.52pm
@smoody20 yeah i had to hold while talking, will need another dentist fix tmr, twice in 2 weeks needed fixed.
2 Dec 6.46pm
@Jigsaw_Helper and the funny thing is, it actually did happen!
2 Dec 4.57pm
@Jigsaw_Helper Hi Jigsaw, can't be told in a tweet! will have to wait until Mikey The Movie, a future XMAS blockbuster!
2 Dec 4.43pm
@MoveAlong_x Oh don't pry it out of me! you'll have to wait until next week, will post an audio interview here.
2 Dec 4.41pm
@ClaireEMitchell have done lots of talks to colleges enjoy em my agent: agency@eringavinmodels.co.uk Erin sorts it all out.
2 Dec 4.36pm
#housemusic a perfect pairing Beastie Boys Fight for your right & It's like that, mix by Mikey http://twaud.io/q3Vq
2 Dec 1.29am
@sunshinemartyn I'm no medical doctor, but I would say sunshine, since you have no prostate, your risk is low.
1 Dec 11.59pm
my fingers r long www.bbc.co.uk/healthnews looks like my prostate cancer risk is low then.
1 Dec 3.13pm
Journal of Cancer study found men whose index finger was longer than their ring finger were less likely to develop pprostate cancer.
1 Dec 3.08pm
Showbiz - News - John Lydon: 'I'm losing my sight' - Digital Spy http://t.co/s2Dffko via @AddThis
1 Dec 2.22pm
#housemusic Madonna Dress you Up and Power of an American woman mixed by Mikey http://twaud.io/q2zn
1 Dec 1.54am
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