Alex Rose - Big Brother 2011
Alex Rose

Age (at start of series): 18

Age (now): 27

Home: South Shields

Occupation: Crew Member at McDonalds

Star Sign: Scorpio

Status: Single

Interesting facts: Alex owns a convertible with ‘Barbie’ emblazoned across the side and loves her gay Chihuahua, Tinkerbelle.
Alex describes herself as a one-of-a-kind-pink-obsessed-Geordie who wants to be taken seriously. Alex previously worked as a flight-attendant. She is teetotal and always picks guys that treat her like a princess; she loves to be spoiled. She thinks that one day she will marry Dappy from N-Dubz and she would love to find romance in the house.
She says that building a school classroom in Uganda is one of the proudest moments of her life and that she is really competitive; to her winning is everything.
Alex describes herself as a cake: “soft, pretty and pink on the outside but when you bite into me I will turn sour”. Alex claims to hold grudges and never apologises saying “I don’t make mistakes, I’m a perfect person”.
She would love a spray tan as a reward in the house but would not like to be made to eat anything strange as part of a task.

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