Anton Murphy - Big Brother 2011
Anton Murphy

Age (at start of series): 23

Age (now): 31

Home: Croydon

Occupation: Musician

Star Sign: Libra

Status: Single

Interesting facts: According to Anton he doesn't have to chat up women, he just approaches girls and uses humour
Anton is single and considers himself confident, charismatic, educated and mature for his years. He runs a record label and produces his own music from his studio inLondon.
The 23 year old grew up in Peckham and is very proud of his achievements in his life so far. He went to a private school and studied at a top university. Anton is lucky in love and doesn’t chat up women, saying that he just has to approach girls and they fall for his humour and good looks. In a girl, he looks for dark hair, dark eyes, a tan and a mysterious personality. If Anton had one day left on earth, he says he would love to take Cheryl Cole on a date and show her the night of her life.
In the house, Anton says he is most likely to annoy other housemates by snoring. Winning is essential to him and he believes he will be the people’s champion.

Tweets from ANTON_MURPHY
@sammie_sudol97 im serious about everything ive said sam I just want you to work something out with me please
30 Oct 8.16pm
@sammie_sudol97 please just hear me out please
30 Oct 8.15pm
@sammie_sudol97 please just hear me out
30 Oct 8.14pm
@sammie_sudol97 just hear me out Sam please
30 Oct 8.13pm
@sammie_sudol97 please talk to me
30 Oct 8.12pm
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