Faye Palmer - Big Brother 2011
Faye Palmer

Age (at start of series): 19

Age (now): 26

Home: Tamworth

Occupation: Wrestler

Star Sign: Scorpio

Status: Single

Faye is nominated for eviction in week 4 with Maisy.

Interesting facts: Her party tricks range from turning her tongue upside down to impersonating accents from around the world.
19 year old Faye is a competitive wrestler who’s professional name is Darcy Steele. Since leaving university the gorgeous young wrestler has dedicated her life to her career and is unashamedly self-congratulatory and used to being admired.
Faye describes herself as the kind of person that girls would despise and boys would drool over. She knows how to manipulate men and is prepared to be hated by the other girls in the house.
She goes to the gym twice a day and lives on a strict diet regime, claiming to spend all her earnings on food and protein. Faye says that falling in love is “more hassle than its worth” and wants to prove in the house that pretty girls can have a personality as well as looks.
Faye has a phobia of spiders, clowns, small spaces and balloons and is scared of the dark. She thinks she will be nominated for being a picky eater or for being too much of a joker.

Tweets from fayepalmer_bb
@ShaunHillzie @Aaronspoppets been a busy bee.you?
25 Nov 8.47pm
@ShaunHillzie @Aaronspoppets yep :)
25 Nov 8.45pm
@Aaronspoppets so has a man crush on @hugo_london
25 Nov 8.42pm
This weather is a joke
25 Nov 7.19pm
@96Jackjohnson first tip is not to tell anyone your brother is going on bb, otherwise the producers will not put him in
25 Nov 5.54pm
@Aaronspoppets & I now have The Big Bang Theory board game, so excited to play it. Thank you @MsJay1964 x #hardcorefans
25 Nov 5.44pm
@Aaronspoppets is getting rather excited about this F1 malarky #TeamAlonso
25 Nov 3.22pm
@EllenShersbyW @Aaronspoppets i''ll second that!
25 Nov 1.57pm
@Aaronspoppets SAUSAGE!
25 Nov 1.50pm
@somersetmarcy Neither x
25 Nov 1.45pm
@grchandler do i know you?
25 Nov 1.22pm
Thank you for everyone who came down the weekend.I had such a fun time.Thank you for all our lovely cards and gifts too :) xx
25 Nov 1.18pm
@TitleistMac nope
25 Nov 1.16pm
@ElboyGee A massive thank you for my amazing bag of hair treats.Love them & thank you for the letter as well, i will have lovely locks now x
25 Nov 1.05pm
@SuzzAnne12 Thanks Sue x
25 Nov 12.58pm
@1888_ just a project i'm starting
25 Nov 12.58pm
@bahmed18 @Aaronspoppets not really a joke tho is it and if it is, your clearly not that funny!
25 Nov 12.57pm
@SuzzAnne12 hmmm x
25 Nov 12.55pm
@bahmed18 @Aaronspoppets i think you'll find he was joking
25 Nov 12.54pm
@SuzzAnne12 nope x
25 Nov 12.52pm
Lets get these wheels in motion :)
25 Nov 12.49pm
@TitleistMac thank you x
25 Nov 12.41pm
I Love James Arthur #xfactor
25 Nov 12 pm
@Aaronspoppets hilarious
25 Nov 11.10am
@Aaronspoppets don't think its lazy if your working your butt off most the week
25 Nov 11.03am
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