Harry Blake - Big Brother 2011
Harry Blake

Age (at start of series): 22

Age (now): 29

Home: Cheshire

Occupation: Marketing Director/Business Investor

Star Sign: Leo

Status: Single

Nominated in week 1.
He gets week 2 nomination immunity by winning the chicken task.
Nominated for eviction in week 6, with Anton, Jay and Jem by Jay who had to choose one housemate as part of the crypt task.

Interesting facts: An interesting fact about Harry is that he claims to have bigger hands than anyone else he has ever met and doesn’t have a sense of smell.
Young, rich entrepreneur Harry considers himself upper class and says he is “150% Conservative”. The 22 year old runs three businesses and aims to be a millionaire at 25 and retire aged 35. Harry says: “all you’ve got to do is put in the work, like trying to get a six pack in the gym.”
Harry lists Chinese Kick Boxing and looking after his race horses as his hobbies. He is in a relationship but says when it comes to females; his type of girl is tall, slim, brunette and must like the countryside.
Harry enjoys the outdoors and says he would love to find a fellow lover of country pursuits in the house. He recently broke his ankle whilst skinny dipping in a friend’s moat.
Harry hopes to bring “a touch of class” to the house. Winning is everything to Harry. He says he won’t be happy unless he makes it to the final.

Tweets from BBHarryBlake
@coinbase hi how do I withdraw money back to my bank? I sent you a payment but I still can’t withdraw anything...
4 Dec 6.33am
Noooooo not Liam. Gutted. #GBBO
17 Oct 9.11pm
@CaseyNeistat I use map my run. It gives read outs at predetermined distances. Love it!
25 Oct 8 pm
And the award for the absolute worst customer service of 2016 goes to... @ListerInteriors
27 Sep 2.29pm
@IntThings let me know when u can lick your elbow.
4 July 9.47am
@CruiseChester that's as not ass
26 June 2.08am
That's as not ass.
26 June 2.08am
@CruiseChester sweet as!!!!!
26 June 2.07am
@CruiseChester is there a prize for most tweets in one night?
26 June 2.07am
@CruiseChester if anyone sees Ben Paterson can you tell him he's lost. Tell him to wait by customer services and not to talk to strangers.
26 June 2.03am
@CruiseChester you still haven't played Tiffany!!!!!
26 June 2 am
@CruiseChester https://t.co/AtytOyjYJE
26 June 1.17am
@CruiseChester what can I say. Mummy brought me up well. Cleaned my plate and all that.
26 June 1.14am
@CruiseChester seriously. I beg you.
26 June 1.13am
@CruiseChester shout out to the 3 girls by the Twitter screen destroying it on the dance floor. #goldigga
26 June 1.12am
@CruiseChester https://t.co/9Wi0niHddK
26 June 1.02am
Nice pussy... @CruiseChester https://t.co/b6yieL2lEZ
26 June 12.58am
@CruiseChester https://t.co/KLNhJAYVcd
26 June 12.57am
@CruiseChester someone needs a wax. Chester women are hairy af! https://t.co/zM4ckZV1zb
26 June 12.55am
@CruiseChester nice dog that. https://t.co/NiuqUeWChZ
26 June 12.51am
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