Heaven Africa - Big Brother 2011
Heaven Africa

Age (at start of series): 30

Age (now): 38

Home: London

Occupation: Model/Holistic healer

Star Sign: Libra

Status: Single

Given Golden swimsuit and cape on Day 1 by Pamela Anderson, making her immune from week 1 nominations.
Nominated for eviction in week 2 with Rebeckah
Nominated in week 3 with Aaron & Aden.
Heaven was evicted on day 22 picking up only half a per cent more votes than Aden.

Interesting facts: Heaven’s pet hates are people leaving hair in the sink and shower and says she likes things to be clean.
30 year old Heaven has been modelling since the age of nine and is now a holistic healer. She describes herself as “a different species, certainly not human” and wants to heal the world with a hug.
Heaven had dreams of becoming a forensic psychologist and Prime Minister but didn’t finish her GCSEs. She has lived alone for the past seven years but is hopeful to meet a steady strong man and have seven children.
She writes and performs poetry and is currently writing a novel, dreaming that one day it will be published. Heaven says that if she had one day left on Earth, she would “do a skydive, a bungee jump, get on a plane and travel somewhere really exotic”.
Heaven has been a vegan for five years and is unsure of how she would cope in the house with so many other mouths to feed. She says she would only cook meat for the other housemates to keep them happy.
On her feelings about the house, Heaven says: “I’m a winner no matter what, but I’m determined to take the crown at all costs!”

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