Louise Cliffe - Big Brother 2011
Louise Cliffe

Age (at start of series): 25

Age (now): 33

Home: Manchester

Occupation: Model/Actress

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Status: Single

Interesting facts: She insists that she’s not a girly girl and says she enjoys drinking beer and eating chips and gravy whilst being able to keep her incredible figure.
Megan Fox lookalike Louise wanted to join the army before she started her modelling career.
The former Miss Manchester is proud to have won the title in an £8 dress and is looking for genuine friendships in the house. A qualified legal secretary, 25 year old Louise thinks she could have done a lot better at school but says she was distracted by the boys in her class. A geek at heart, Louise relaxes by watching shows like Bargain Hunt and Antiques Roadshow and has starred in films herself, including a sci-fi film with Luke Goss.
Louise is hopeful to meet someone in the house as she has been single for over a year. Her ideal man is David Gandy, the male model.
Louise’s luxury items in the house would be chocolate, her personal shaver and her robe. If awarded treats, she would love a dress-up party, music or a celebrity chef to come in and cook for the housemates. Louise feels she is most likely to be nominated by her fellow housemates for her untidiness, eating all the food or jealousy from the other girls.

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👶🏻 Hello Bump 👶🏻 Not long now 😃#33weekspregnant #bump #babybump #33weeks #babyboy https://t.co/iCyVMhZ48E
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