Maisy James - Big Brother 2011
Maisy James

Age (at start of series): 19

Age (now): 27

Home: Kent

Occupation: Store Assistant

Star Sign: Leo

Status: Single

Maisy wins a Golden Swimsuit on Day 3 after winning the slow motion running on the spot contest where she endured the longest. This gives her immunity in week 1 nominations.
Maisy is nominated for eviction in week 4 with Faye.
Maisy is evicted on Day 29

Interesting facts: Likes to climb trees and walk around the house naked with heels on. She can do the limbo so well that her head touches the ground.
19 year old single Maisy is an aspiring presenter and actress who currently works as an Abercrombie and Fitch store model. Maisy describes herself as “naturally clever, self assured and confident” but is ambitious to do even better. She says that “being a success is the only thing that will make me happy in life”. Attention seeker Maisy claims that she doesn’t get on well with other girls as they are often jealous of her and she gets offended when people say she is ditzy: “Just because I’m blonde and like to dress nice, doesn’t mean I’m stupid.”
Her party trick is the limbo and she does this so well that her head touches the floor. Maisy wouldn’t say no to a Big Brother romance, saying that she still hasn’t met her Mr Right and is usually the ‘dumper’ in relationships as she gets bored very easily. Maisy says she won’t be bringing any cooking skills to the house as her speciality is beans on toast and she is extremely untidy.

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