Tashie Jackson - Big Brother 2011
Tashie Jackson

Age (at start of series): 21

Age (now): 29

Home: Oxford

Occupation: Singer & Actress

Star Sign: Capricorn

Status: Single

Nominated in week 1.
Tashie was evicted on Day 8 after being nominated along with Aaron and Harry

Interesting facts: Tashie has self-diagnosed OCD and is obsessed with putting any item of food that she buys in sandwich bags, for fear of contamination.
Tashie says her personality swings between ditzy and brainy. Multi-lingual Tashie speaks five languages and is a keen belly dancer who has performed in music videos. A competitive gymnast, she appeared as an extra in a Harry Potter movie.
Teetotal Tashie loves being the sober one on a night out. She appreciates the respect she gets for not drinking and is happy that it allows her to keep on top of her game.
She believes girls feel insecure around her as they see her as competition and ultimately a threat. Her ideal man is hunky and muscly and she likes a man to do the chasing.
Tashie feels she might be evicted for being too over the top, too opinionated and too hot. She hopes to show people she is talented and can be an inspiration to other girls.

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