Lewis Flanagan - Big Brother 2018

Age (at start of series): 27

Home: Stockton-On-Tees



Interesting facts: Lewis is very active; he loves yoga, working out and cycling. As a Housemate, he will mostly miss the gym, healthy food, his yoga equipment and his meditation apps.

His main passion is self-growth and self-development. He believes everyone should work on becoming the ultimate version of themselves; physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually.

“I wear my heart on my sleeve and I’m a good person who wants the best for everyone…as long as they deserve it.”

Lewis reckons he’d excel in any food related tasks, “as long as it fits with my flexitarian guidelines, with the exception of white chocolate...”

It doesn’t take much to irritate Lewis, who is “tired of society looking at their phones all the time.”

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This video was taken the day after I found hope, good times with good people.. I met a guy there and I saw him again yesterday when I was with hope and he said to me “Have you got yourself a new dog?” He thought Hope… https://t.co/8ixzYEJGiV
Yesterday 2.21pm
Big moment tonight in the jungle ❤️🙏🏽🐕😍🐾 Hope has been trying to play with bueno since she got here, she’s such a playful dog with other dogs and kids but bueno’s just barely got any puppy left in him he’s had such… https://t.co/NGTPChbmhJ
Thursday 1.07pm
#poetry https://t.co/2lg8lta40p
15 July 1.25pm
NEW POEM - SUICIDE https://t.co/0WO7UpRI95 #Mentalhealth
15 July 1.24pm
It’s been a pleasure having my brother visit from the big smoke the last 10 days, so many moments, so many memories, So many laughs.. I met ish many years ago, I was in a bad place but he saw who I really was and we… https://t.co/ZCxdOR4GXO
13 July 2.15pm
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12 July 2.35pm
8 July 2.10am
I introduce to you.. HOPE 🐾🐕❤️ I just couldn’t drive past her, she was chasing after cars in the middle of a main road, no one in sight. She came straight over to me as I pulled over jumping up at my scooter. I drove… https://t.co/0jqw91leRx
7 July 2.21pm
Breakfast at my favourite place 🤤😍 #bali #balilife #food #foodporn #pancakes #breakfast #love #life #grateful @ Muse Cafe & Art, Bali https://t.co/LODUNQG7CC
6 July 1.57pm
WE DID IT !!! £390 raised to save this kittens life and help find her a forever home !!! Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart I really appreciate every single one of you ! A special thank you tommy… https://t.co/m2eWkp6VzK
5 July 11.55am
Amazing thank you so much to everyone that donated me and the kitten thank you from the bottom of our hearts 🙏🏽❤️ https://t.co/pw0eFbaDId https://t.co/eCVT1VtkJ4
3 July 1.47am
A couple of things I’d like to address using the following bullet points. • I can’t believe I’m still in this shape after being injured for around a month 😂 (Thanks for the genetics dad) • I lost 200 followers since… https://t.co/nkig1rpDHt
2 July 2.52pm
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1 July 9.35am
“The biggest way to disempower a man is to disconnect him from his feelings” I’ve had so many messages from people trying to dismiss my darkness, saying how me expressing myself makes them sad and depressed. The… https://t.co/mswmwFXzMZ
30 June 12.06pm
I found a kitten on the streets and she needs help to survive and find a home. Will you help me save this kitten by donating towards her vet bills and foster home fees ? #kittens #cats #catstagram #pets #animals #animallovers #rescuecat #rescuedog
30 June 2.24am
Sacrifice to Osiris - Proper Burial For Freedom 🙏🏽 I call upon the Lord Osiris who loves me unconditionally, to cast into your unconditionally loving care that which no longer naturally belongs in the land of the… https://t.co/rEKUOKXIau
29 June 12.59pm
#youtube #youtuber #vlog #blog #mentalhealth #wellbeing #stigma #ITSOKAYTOTALK #Emotions https://t.co/lvMUkNFZug
28 June 2.10am
Have you ever felt that nothing makes sense ? You don’t have a purpose ? What’s the point in anything ? ME TOO !! Most people do, just not everyone shows it, but I do in my latest Vlog Episode #4 - The Process Part 1 - The Darkness - I Give Up https://t.co/sfMciM8Iih via @YouTube
28 June 2.08am
The way you look at yourself is so important, it’s vital that we understand that we are enough. Plain and simple we are enough, right now in whatever state we are in we are enough. I’ve spent my life trying so hard… https://t.co/TXVZesBN0l
24 June 5.47pm
New Vlog out tonight.. In my emotions as always during the vlogs, talking to myself, I give up on life, I’m a hypocrite and life’s one big contradiction.. I quit.. nothing means anything, but everything means… https://t.co/zgTjOuMFwe
22 June 12.18pm
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