Lewis Flanagan - Big Brother 2018

Age (at start of series): 27

Home: Stockton-On-Tees



Interesting facts: Lewis is very active; he loves yoga, working out and cycling. As a Housemate, he will mostly miss the gym, healthy food, his yoga equipment and his meditation apps.

His main passion is self-growth and self-development. He believes everyone should work on becoming the ultimate version of themselves; physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually.

“I wear my heart on my sleeve and I’m a good person who wants the best for everyone…as long as they deserve it.”

Lewis reckons he’d excel in any food related tasks, “as long as it fits with my flexitarian guidelines, with the exception of white chocolate...”

It doesn’t take much to irritate Lewis, who is “tired of society looking at their phones all the time.”

Tweets from iamlewisdean
When you should be putting in work to become the best version of yourself possible but instead you’re scrolling on Instagram, this is the look I give you, and myself come to think of it 🤣 “I’m not mad I’m just… https://t.co/Br4MapBuzS
Today 1.41pm
There has to be an easy way to edit the swearing out of videos ? I’ve looked into it and yes I could google it before you pipe up but the thought of learning the skill of editing makes me numb, it doesn’t interest me and never will I can not devote time to it 😂 #editing #youtube
Today 1.23pm
Life is like a rollercoaster, sometimes there are ups and downs, sometimes it feels like you’re going round in circles, sometimes there’s a big long wait till you get to the good bit, sometimes it moves too fast for… https://t.co/RhHRL7mmT9
12 May 4 pm
Some people think there’s a reason why something did or didn’t work out, some put it down to religion or spirituality or fate or a lesson from life or some just think that shit happens, sometimes life and sometimes… https://t.co/eOTv3usPPL
10 May 5.41pm
Hand carved !!! The talent on this guy is ridiculous... Different levels of art in Bali 👏🏽 #Bali #Carving #Sculpture #Art #Amazing #Love #BaliLife https://t.co/csKqUwYTkQ
6 May 3.05pm
I know I’ve been quietly lately, but I’m back in the 🔬🧪 Basically I’m going through some shit right now which is mandatory for my personal growth, and I will always choose growth over comfort. I will face my… https://t.co/wIecZQ6Tfx
5 May 3.46pm
Best business card design website ? I have tried vista print but their site either left white borders or cut off letters off the design, recommendations please ? ❤️🙏🏽 #businesscards
1 May 7.18am
Morning chills with Cinta 🐾 #Bali #Balilife @ Ubud, Bali, Indonesia https://t.co/hrJwRAGfzt
1 May 4.02am
Monday blues ❤ https://t.co/CPVFc8MjTq
29 Apr 8.57am
@KatMc53789613 @AmyFuchsiaLowe It’s okay she’s blocked now ❤️
28 Apr 5.28pm
Me and the coolest 13 year old I’ve ever met ellz_travel talking about life and how her and her mom @teenmumtravels have traveled the world together.. This for me was amazing the beach the sunset and it’s their daily… https://t.co/BQwKyOYz3u
28 Apr 4.04pm
Hi guys !! Hope you’re all having a great weekend, please take 2 minutes of your time to listen to Marley’s Gills story it’s truly inspiring, to see someone so young go through so much and still want to do good for… https://t.co/KOQRIrcgu7
27 Apr 1.24pm
#Repost wellbeingweekofficial with make_repost ・・・ Another anonymous Wellbeing Week member testimonial, we are so grateful to be a part of people’s transformations. To witness another persons life change through… https://t.co/lsUCpcPEim
26 Apr 7.34pm
I am in a good place, physically and mentally. I create my own life my environment my mindset my experiences. I am grateful, I am abundant, I am ready ❤️ #Bali #Happy #Love @ Seseh, Bali, Indonesia https://t.co/g6BhzIBrFu
26 Apr 1.11pm
@AmyFuchsiaLowe She will be ready in a few days all operations and treatments have been successful but the girl who wants to adopt her hasn’t came back yet 🙏🏽
25 Apr 12.51am
I wonder how many more times I’m gunna have to click ‘see fewer posts like this’ before @instagram stops filling my feed with insta girls and irrelevant rap beef from mumble rappers in the USA 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
24 Apr 3.13pm
Head over to wellbeingweekofficial to keep up to date with our members testimonials, the progress they have made in such a short amount of time is nothing short of incredible. I am so… https://t.co/5ehTNbH3c6
22 Apr 6.16pm
@IAmTomGardiner Thanks mate that’s the one I found ways to use but it’s not letting me upload media now something to do with proxy
19 Apr 2.52am
@MVanterpool @Outlook @MicrosoftHelps Even the password I saved in rememher me isn’t being accepted and now I’m not actually sure what the right password is
18 Apr 1.35pm
@MVanterpool @Outlook @MicrosoftHelps Thanks yeh but it’s too late now as it’s already happened, twice by some loser haha. Hopefully I can restore this one
18 Apr 11.45am
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