Lewis Flanagan - Big Brother 2018

Age (at start of series): 27

Home: Stockton-On-Tees



Interesting facts: Lewis is very active; he loves yoga, working out and cycling. As a Housemate, he will mostly miss the gym, healthy food, his yoga equipment and his meditation apps.

His main passion is self-growth and self-development. He believes everyone should work on becoming the ultimate version of themselves; physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually.

“I wear my heart on my sleeve and I’m a good person who wants the best for everyone…as long as they deserve it.”

Lewis reckons he’d excel in any food related tasks, “as long as it fits with my flexitarian guidelines, with the exception of white chocolate...”

It doesn’t take much to irritate Lewis, who is “tired of society looking at their phones all the time.”

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It is sad the fact that you might not wake up one day but it’s the truth and it will happen to us all one day, so make the most of life while you still can. It’s not negative it’s the truth, being negative is not being able or let yourself find the positives in life. https://t.co/0S0lIiLHzx
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Life’s hard for everyone, there’s always something to look forward too if you find it or create it, where is the world heading ? Is there nothing for nobody ? Everyone is blessed. It’s just different mindsets, create a better mindset create a better life. https://t.co/Jp1lM54fqP
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It’s not supposed to lift your depression that’s not my responsibility it’s yours and yours only, it’s supposed to make you think that you might not wake up so make the most of your life while you still can. https://t.co/Ax1ptSwUZl
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I’m sure some people actually enjoy being negative, some of you would win the lottery and complain about having to pay the taxes on your winnings 😂😂
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When you go to sleep tonight, take a moment to realise that you might not wake up from your sleep, today might have been your last day alive, what did you do ? Make moves, take risks and… https://t.co/P50Egtfa9y
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#Repost wellbeingweekofficial with make_repost ・・・ That’s a wrap ! Our first full week in Bali is complete, thank you to all of our subscribers for their attendance and commitment this… https://t.co/62G3TCZVm4
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Late night spaghetti and a glass of red, Maybe I am Italian after all 🤷🏽‍♂️🍷 🍝 @ Bottega Italiana Bali https://t.co/5sWFYYDDlY
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My only fans page is back up and running guys click the link to join, I’m about to get trigger happy with pictures and videos posts live from Bali #TropicalNude #OnlyFans Yes this is just a post gym vid this is not the content on my only fans https://t.co/CPVFc93UKY https://t.co/25ftPU8JPg
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Finally found some street art in Bali, right next to the raw vegan restaurant I’m about to eat in 🤤🙋🏽‍♂️ #Bali #Canggu #Vegan #RawFood #PlantBased #StreetArt #Graffiti #Art @ In the Raw… https://t.co/2xl2hPIj7M
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I’ve already done that numerous times, you replied with instructions to regain access to my account but what you suggested didn’t work and I am still waiting to hear back from you guys with what to do next, thank you https://t.co/ZN7SJWFDKm
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Been flying around on a scooter all day and it didn’t half bring back some memories, I miss motorbikes and speed !!! Think I might have to get myself a Harley when I’m settled over here..… https://t.co/TPSikoJmqA
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