Tomasz Wania - Big Brother 2018

Age (at start of series): 31

Home: London



Interesting facts: Came to England 10 years ago and is happy to live “in the UK where I'm happy to be who I am.”

Has been in a relationship for seven years. They have had an open relationship for the last three years.

He describes himself as gender fluid but does not get upset by being labelled as any specific gender. “Anything goes; it really doesn’t bother me.”

He is most passionate about LGBTQ+ issues around the world, income equality and computer games.

He would spend his Big Brother winnings on becoming a UK citizen.

Tweets from Tomaszwania
Who likes yorkies? ?? my friend has such a cute one ?? #dogsoftwitter #yorkie #Dog
Saturday 9.29pm
Saturdays make me moister than an oyster ?????? ??
Saturday 4.18pm
Seriously netflix ?? sooo convoluted #TheOA I mean come on... no spoilers but that ending to part two was pulled out of someones rear end ??
Friday 6.49pm
Friday 10.15am
Omg how #awkward was it before mobile phones were a thing and your friends would show up at your place unannounced and there would be different vegetables on your bed, which deffo were not for eating ?? glad that doesnt happen anymore... to anyone... ??
Thursday 8.18pm
Serving prison shic ??
Thursday 10.08am
My blood tests show I'm vitamin B deficient. I guess thats what happens when you focus too much on vitamin "D" ??
Wednesday 2.29pm
Lol ?? maybe ...
Tuesday 8.09pm
I'm team @KieraBBCan7 and @EstefaniaBBCan7 just sayin' ??
18 Mar 4.16pm
Everybody drop what you are doing! New season of #QueerEye is on netflix!!! ??????
17 Mar 8.14am
I had a dream I was giving zebra a makeover, telling her she should be bold about colours, while sitting in a cafe on the moon. ?? #welcometomyhead
16 Mar 10.37am
Whats more likely to happen? Me having a sexy time time with a lady or Trump apologising ... for everything? ??
15 Mar 5.40pm
You guys! Look! If you spend your money on anything, this is a must have ?? amazing right? ??????
15 Mar 8.40am
I'm starting to have favourites in #BBCAN7 so far I'm rooting for #Eddie and #Maki ???? Also the showmance is annoying me for some reason ??
14 Mar 11 am
Mood when you realise you sent a text to a wrong person ??
14 Mar 9.33am
Someone please invent teleportation already. Every form of commute contributes to stress, which contributes to WRINKLES! And nobody wants any of those! Teleportation prevents wrinkles! ??
12 Mar 3.09pm
Melts my heart ????????
10 Mar 4.43pm
Hmmm... Im turning 32 next month. I want to write something... like an opinion piece or a blog? Or a column maybe? I dont know. I just have this need to write. Strange ??
9 Mar 6.37pm
Hotel booked and I will be partying in Manchester for my birthday ??
8 Mar 1.32pm
Do you guys think this will ever go away? ????
7 Mar 3.05pm
Respect for a random dude on a dating app ??????
7 Mar 1.06pm
Thank Zeus for #BBCAN7 because i started getting withdrawal symptoms ?? i spotted some references to #Survivor and #bbuk or am I just crazy? ??
7 Mar 10.29am
Just have to love moments like that! Never did I dream I would have the chance to meet you x #bbcan7
4 Mar 6.54am
Show this teenager some love. Nobody can ever have too much of that ?????????
3 Mar 6.18pm
I have never been outside of EU. I wonder whats out there, outside of the bubble? ?? maybe one day I'll have a chance to travel somewhere far and see new things ??
3 Mar 9.40am
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