Tomasz Wania - Big Brother 2018

Age (at start of series): 31

Home: London



Interesting facts: Came to England 10 years ago and is happy to live “in the UK where I'm happy to be who I am.”

Has been in a relationship for seven years. They have had an open relationship for the last three years.

He describes himself as gender fluid but does not get upset by being labelled as any specific gender. “Anything goes; it really doesn’t bother me.”

He is most passionate about LGBTQ+ issues around the world, income equality and computer games.

He would spend his Big Brother winnings on becoming a UK citizen.

Tweets from Tomaszwania
Does it matter if Tomasz sits straight or lie down??.We've seen riddiculous complain about it and his look even in bbots show,some people are so shallow?????Tomasz you are beautiful from the inside and outside??.This is BB not loveisland style.who are judged from their looks #BBUK
Yesterday 12.46pm
Team Tomasz will not take part in BB poll .vote to save or evict . We respect the public vote whatever it is.We hope Tomasz stays however kind of voting .Tomasz plays the game inside the house?? . Not playing it with the public trust???? #bbuk #BBBOTS #BBTomasz
Yesterday 12 am
Thank you on behalf of Tomasz for the support and words of kidness???? we need to keep Tomasz in the game in this hard week .if he goes it would be dull in bb house. Keep him for what he represents. A normal person who is grateful to be in the house and never moaned?????? #bbuk
Tuesday 11.19am
Awww no.Tomasz is in danger this week ????he is up for nomination before the game changer. Again again got blamed for playing the game in a game show. At least he is not an hypocrit .Acting nice then backstabbing friends.We need public support to keep him??????? #BBUK #BBBOTS
Monday 10.57pm
We have seen HM nominating another HM and cuddle the same day. HM not loyal to their friend.Alliance changing. HM constantly moaning. Malicious argument.Some find them great HM but Tomasz hasn't done none of it and he is labelled 2 faced. Really strange?? why.#bbuk #BBTomasz
Monday 10.39am
Tomasz got blamed by playing honestly the game . So many hypocrit housemates .they are all going for the 100 k. They are not making friends . They are hyprocateicaly playing the dirty game #bbuk #BBBOTS #BBTomasz
Sunday 10.58pm
Piggy banks robbery?? . We can't wait for tonight show . Tomasz plays strategic computer game in real life?? . Lets see how it works for him??We enjoy big brother???? this year for the game concept. Lets nourish our brain ?? we love it ?? #BBUK #BBBOTS #bbtomasz
Sunday 9.14am
Save and vote for Tomasz again on bb app please ???? lets stimulate our brains with more game/strategy. BB announced…
Friday 11.40pm
Lazy fat.Dirty Polish piglet.F off to poland.Sleazy gay.ugly greasy hair.Are they valuables arguments to discribe a…
Friday 2.14pm
We would rather have a house mate like Tomasz saying it straight he plays the game but hasnt been personally nasty??…
11 Oct 11.33am
What an amazing big brother serie this year. A massive congratulation to Cameron for his coming out . Well done an…
9 Oct 7.22am
Why this general hypocrisy about the GAME. Tomasz is open about it and not deceiving the public and his HM. He is a…
8 Oct 2.21pm
Please vote for Tomasz on the app . He gives his best on big brother house. He has been entertaining and strategic…
6 Oct 12.09am
TOMASZ really professional in big brother airline house ??????always making memorable moments in there ?? #bbuk…
5 Oct 8.25am
@KittyKatPK Get well soon Pam xxx
4 Oct 4.28pm
While the game the fun too.Tomasz is an openbook by playing and acts only within the game .He doesnt go personal b…
4 Oct 11.26am
BB this year isn't about showmance/ a HM is tidy ?/or cant cope with low food budget. Its another level: about stra…
3 Oct 10.57am
Some are stuck in this stereotypical image of Tomasz as this obese gay who just needs to be funny and silly .He has…
2 Oct 11.58am
Yesterday showed most of the housemates are playing the coins game. It would be silly Tomasz not to do so . He is n…
1 Oct 12.24pm
Fun Tomasz ?? this is what big brother is about . Living the experience /chat/talk /have opinions /laugh and fun .…
30 Sep 1.06pm
Please vote for Tomasz at the bb app . How boring would be without him . He has been great tv fun.He does not pla…
28 Sep 11.52pm
Hey big brother fans ?? Tomasz has been entertaining house mate and definitely not boring to watch . That is what b…
28 Sep 11.24am
@KittyKatPK @bbuk Thanks Pam again ?? you can see through Tomasz . People get surprised he has opinions, personalit…
27 Sep 5.15pm
@KittyKatPK Thank you Pam . You are his biggest admire . And you know how to put nice words to discribe him and h…
26 Sep 9 pm
Good morning .Thank you(Dziekuje) everyone for the words of kidness and support that Tomasz is receiving .He will b…
26 Sep 11.03am
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