Tomasz Wania - Big Brother 2018

Age (at start of series): 31

Home: London



Interesting facts: Came to England 10 years ago and is happy to live “in the UK where I'm happy to be who I am.”

Has been in a relationship for seven years. They have had an open relationship for the last three years.

He describes himself as gender fluid but does not get upset by being labelled as any specific gender. “Anything goes; it really doesn’t bother me.”

He is most passionate about LGBTQ+ issues around the world, income equality and computer games.

He would spend his Big Brother winnings on becoming a UK citizen.

Tweets from Tomaszwania
@ccole_99 Oh yes. Enjoy that very much 😁
Saturday 11.22pm
@ccole_99 This made me giggle 🤣🤣🤣
Saturday 3.16pm
@ccole_99 Oh hell no. No gawd! Someone hold my purse 😡
Saturday 1.58pm
@Draven298 The sleeve 🤗
Friday 2.47pm
Weigtloss update: 3 months after surgery 4.3 stone down which is 27kg!!! 😱 so so happy 🥰
Friday 1.40pm
@Rylan @C4Gogglebox @studiolambert @Tanialalexander So much fun to watch 🥰 amazing
Friday 12.10pm
@Rylan @bigbrotheruk Happy Birthday BB family 🥰
Thursday 1.11pm
@AkeemGofficial @BBUK___ I cant believe you did this to me!!! Theres a reason why i didnt want to see myself like that 😡
Wednesday 5.10pm
@Draven298 And I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Proud of you 🥰
Wednesday 4.10pm
People say I shouldnt wear ladies clothes. Well nobody was giving you grief when you showed up to a wedding reception serving sports direct realness, so sit back down Mary! 😡
Tuesday 5.39pm
@LateyshaGrace Hey gurl hey 😉
Tuesday 11.37am
@BarbaraLadmore Sweet sweet Barbara 🥰
15 July 10.51am
In 2 days I can have alcohol again so this weekend will be MESSY guurl 🥂
15 July 10.51am
@Rylan @ccole_99 sooooo? 😁
12 July 6.37pm
@Rylan Omg yesss. I want this!
9 July 9.50am
@ITV didnt come to play at @PrideInLondon they were rocking it and @BobbyCNorris slaaayed!!! 🤩
6 July 2.41pm
@MissBelleKnight Happy Pride Queen 🌈
6 July 11.11am
@Natsheehan07 No. I actually didnt put a filter on it 😱
5 July 9.19pm
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