Tomasz Wania - Big Brother 2018

Age (at start of series): 31

Home: London



Interesting facts: Came to England 10 years ago and is happy to live “in the UK where I'm happy to be who I am.”

Has been in a relationship for seven years. They have had an open relationship for the last three years.

He describes himself as gender fluid but does not get upset by being labelled as any specific gender. “Anything goes; it really doesn’t bother me.”

He is most passionate about LGBTQ+ issues around the world, income equality and computer games.

He would spend his Big Brother winnings on becoming a UK citizen.

Tweets from Tomaszwania
Omg yaaaas Italy! Loving it! #Eurovision #ita
Saturday 9.50pm
@Karensreal @AkeemOfficialBB @BBUKZoeJones @BBUK___ Karen you legend!
Saturday 5.23pm
I thought I'd post an update since it's been s month since my gastric sleeeve surgery and I lost over 2.2 stone. The weightloss continues 😊
Saturday 5.20pm
@BBUKZoeJones @easportsclub @AkeemOfficialBB @EASportsClub1 Sending hugs 🤗
Saturday 2.51pm
Strawberry lube is very overrated 🤷‍♀️ #WhyImUnhappyIn5Words
Thursday 12 pm
Tuesday 8.59am
@JamieCollabro Hey listen. Dont be surprised. So much fierce in one body scares people sometimes 😁
13 May 4.23pm
@RealMattLucas God i love this
13 May 4.22pm
@luckygoddessn7 Amen!
12 May 10.06pm
I have never tried a burito in my life. Gotta change that as soon as I can have solid food 😋
12 May 9.27pm
@Cex @CeXSupport I'm expecting a response!
12 May 6.45pm
@RebekkaMary You and 30000 people watching live on youtube right now. Peolle are even giving money to the person streaming it live 😂
12 May 5.32pm
@Rylan Yaaaas qween!
12 May 12.17pm
@crazybabers Oh yes. Thank you 🤗 doing well
11 May 10.48pm
@KittyKatPK Thats my favourite of all time and i know all the songs guurl 😅
11 May 10.47pm
11 May 1.17pm
@DanielJFalconer I read that and there was nothing wrong with your opinions
11 May 12.55pm
@BBUKZoeJones Hey daddy 🥰
11 May 10.21am
@theikawong @BigBrotherCA @WendysCanada @CoryBBCan7 @AnthonyBBCan7 I liveeeed for that moment
10 May 9.31pm
Thank you so much for an awesome season @BigBrotherCA and thank you for being there when we still hold out hope for bbuk to come back. Thank you @arisacox you are amazing. And congratulations to @DaneBBCan7 well deserved win! And to all the houseguests of #BBCAN7 you rock! 🤩
10 May 9.39am
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