Vic & Nick's BBLBC #6 - with featured guests, EVERYONE!!

Day 13 02:07
By BigBroWeb
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1) The boys begin the broadcast, kicking off with a discussion on Vanessa's motives, unaware that music is being played into the house, getting the housemates out of bed.
2) Driven out of bed by the music played into the bedroom, Preston joins the boys in the 'studio' and gets a surprise interview, unaware that he's soon to be followed by the rest of the house.
3) Excited by the music played into the house, the housemates in the bedroom decide to surprise Vic & Nick with the news of it. And they're so surprised, they confess all about their secret BBLBC show.
4) The boys resume the show, with all the housemates as guests. The shocked look on Ulrika's face is worth looking out for.
5) The after show chat is dominated with speculation about what's happened tonight as now the show's future is in jeopardy.
Nick asks the question, will the people they didn't interview nominate them.

Victor and Nick suspect sabotage by Big Brother as tonight's broadcast is interrupted by first Preston, then all the remaining housemates invade the 'studio'.

The boys struggle for an explanation.

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