Heaven can wait ...Heartbreak for Aden as Rebeckah is evicted.

Day 15 22:30
By BigBroWeb
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Rebeckah hears the bad news. She's edged out from the house by Heaven.
Rebeckah braves the boos and emerges from the house with a defiant smile.
The full interview with Brian Dowling, including her Best Bits, and her parting message for the housemates.
Before she left the house, Rebeckah recorded a message in the event she got evicted. The housemates are shell shocked as they watch it. BOOM!!!

Hostess Rebeckah Vaughan was evicted tonight by the public over Heaven Africa. She leaves behind lovelorn Aden Theobald amid a chorus of boos. However, she leaves the house with a defiant smile.

She gets a Brian Dowling grilling about her feelings for Aden, and her lie telling.

She gets emotional when she see's Aden parting message. She also admits to fancying him and would date him on the outside.

She gets to review her time in the house, and to see her Best Bits.

She leaves a wicked parting message, though.

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