Diagnosis Dawnuss

Day 1 01:39
By Dawnuss

In a shock eviction Mohamed Mohamed became the 12th person to be evicted from the Big Brother house.

As housemates obliviously danced to Meatloaf in Afro wigs and robes, Davina’s voice boomed out the familiar words.

In total shock, the group, visibly upset said their goodbyes to a tearful Mo.

The 24yr old Toy Demonstrator with the cheeky grin stated that laughter is very important to him, yet he was the butt of many jokes and insults. He experienced some truly testing times in the house and was at the centre of two of the biggest and most controversial events in the house. No, not Bogeygate.

- Alexandra de Gale found it highly offensive when he donned women’s clothes and her criticism and anger at him led to her removal from the house.

- Dennis (WHO?) McHugh did the unthinkable and spat on Mohamed during Jen and the de-faced picture debacle, resulting in his dismissal.

Following those episodes Mohamed became withdrawn and depressed and talked of leaving, though after a consultation with the shows psychologist he managed to pull through.

Mo was often accused of being greedy and lazy, yet he mainly took it on the chin, indeed often playing up to it. Surely if he were THAT much of a glutton he would be as big as an Ox.

Rex also could have been accused of idleness as he refused to get out of bed and dozed on the sofa many times, yet no-one dared to cross him, apart from Mikey.

Mohamed’s friendship with Rex has been unwavering throughout his time in the house, immediately jumping to Rex’s defense during “Picture-gate”. Would Rex have done the same?

What you see is what you get with Mo. The flatulent fro wearer burped and farted wherever and whenever he felt the need.

A sensitive and caring guy, (he wiped tears from Kat’s eyes when she was jailed) never malicious or bullying, yet sometimes selfish and deceitful.

Funnily enough many of his best moments include food – in the Chilli eating task when he jumped up and down in the diary room chair then threw milk all over his face. The wine tasting task with Dale – deciding, after careful consideration that “Yes, it is definitely wine”. The American Style Buffet in the diary room where Big Brother stated that his eyes were bigger than his belly and he had to crawl out on his hands and knees.

Farewell Mohamed

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