Diagnosis Dawnuss

Day 1 14:45
By Dawnuss

Kathreya Kassiopa was the 13th person to be dramatically evicted from the Big Brother house. With 4.8% of the public vote, the massage therapist was inconsolable after hearing her name read out and took several minutes to regain some composure and leave, wishing her housemates good luck before doing so.

Kathreya was a loud and boisterous lady, an optimist who looked for the good in others, who stated her aim was to bring positivity to the household, considerate (who else brought a peace offering (cookies) to share on entering the house, sensitive, humble and a good listener, who gave sound advice.

Though her yells of Happy House rang out several times throughout the day, it was to the annoyance of others, some of whom did not believe she was a genuinely happy soul.

Her childlike qualities were endearing to some but others thought Kathreya too good to be true and suggested there was a deeper, more sinister side to her.

The doubters refused to believe that she was not a gossip

For the most part Kathreya was non-confrontational and hated arguments, her discomfort was obvious as she would frequently remove herself from angry scenes, as a Buddhist and a believer in Karma, negative energy was something to be avoided.

There was a backlash against Kathreya when, after a heated argument, she broke down in tears and fled to the bathroom while some housemates jeered, called her pathetic and ridiculous - Lisa ordered her out, explaining she was stressing people out.

Kat sought sanctuary in the diary room, and explained her discomfort during arguments, then emerged and apologized to the group. “I care too much about how other people feel”

Kathreya gave her best during the many tasks and was an enthusiastic participant. During the electrocution task she howled with pain and complained in the diary room, but vowed to persevere for the good of the group.

In the very last weeks Kathreya became more outspoken, particularly in defense of her best friend Rachael, she also began to scheme with some of B-block on who to nominate.

Friendship was extremely important to her and she and Rachael were extremely close from the word go. Rex shared many a thought provoking conversation with Kathreya, particularly in the early days and appeared to heed her advice, even going so far as to say the she was one of the sweetest people he’d ever met in his life. Although Rex and Rachael experienced a “falling-out” Kathreya managed to hold onto both friendships.

Darnell was also a close ally, yet they had a spectacular argument which led to tears and tantrums, but they managed to make up before leaving.

Kat was a favourite for several weeks before public opinion began to change. The seed of doubt had been sown by members of the “Whisper club” and people began to focus on the negative aspects of her character. Funniest moments included her command of the English language, h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s, her orgasmic cookie encounter, her dancing at Rachel’s party and in Thriller

Kathreya was desperate to remain in the house until the very end and was torn away in the cruelest way, yet she provided lots of hugs, cookie love and laughs.

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