Diagnosis Dawnuss

Day 1 13:51
By Dawnuss

The 14th person evicted from the Big Brother house was Darnell Swallow.

Dressed in a white skirt and clutching a toy horse the 26 year old braced himself for the rabble, fearful more than most, of the reception he might receive.

A fully paid-up member of B-Block, Darnell was the all-seeing housemate, honest, sometimes blunt and not afraid to speak his mind – though always aware that the consequences could be negative (from the public), he never changed.

A complex man, analytical, sometimes paranoid, insecure and in the early days envious of the close friendships some housemates had formed, he was open about his issues and exposed his weaknesses to others, which some might say left him vulnerable to attack or exploitation.

On the look out for love, Rebecca was the first lady to catch his eye and in a moment which involved alcohol he declared that she “was the kind of woman he was looking for”

This fleeting foray led to Knowheresville and later that night Darnell could be heard laughing with Rex and Mohamed that “he thought he was in there”.

Sara was a different proposition, affectionate, tactile and flirtatious, Darnell was soon enjoying the attention and there playfulness quickly led to them becoming close. However, things turned sour when Sara’s true object of desire was revealed and Darnell unleashed a particularly unpleasant torrent of abuse. As the guy who claims “to never getting the girl” he felt humiliated and used.

A deep fear of rejection often led Darnell to push away those nearest and dearest to him, not allowing them to get too close and practically sabotaging relationships before others had the chance too, he was prone to self pity.

Mikey exclaimed early on that “Darnell was his own worst enemy”

Indeed, given an insight into his unique life and his experiences due to his Albinism it may be understandable that he should feel this way.

Mohamed, Rex, Rachael and Kathreya were closest to him and they had a great friendship. Darnell’s early predictions regarding the Whisper club proved correct as each and every one of them were voted out early on in the programme, leaving B-Block to enjoy the spoils.

Tipped as a possible winner for several weeks, it was unfortunate that his 1 week of nasty behaviour towards Sara may have scuppered his chances.

Darnell’s prize was not the £100,000. ACCEPTANCE was what he craved, particularly from the public and he seemed genuinely happy with 5th place.

His best moments, and there were many, included being sprayed with foam by Rex, sweet talking a Beef Burger, Elton John & Kiki Dee and his imitation of a seal.

This talented and creative songwriter will not easily be forgotten

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