Diagnosis Dawnuss

Day 1 18:31
By Dawnuss

Rex Newmark alias Max Branning’s love child - left the Big Brother house in 4th place, receiving 22.5% of the public vote.

The Executive Chef - with the croissant coiffure - received the most nominations of the series – a massive 29 in total.

On his VT Rex said that most people did not like him, yet he did not make it easy for people to do so and did much to irritate.

The self confessed bully made an early bid for King of the Kitchen and was met with little resistance. As housemates permitted him to get away with more and more his confidence grew. Rex was one of the few in the group (brave enough) to stand up to Alex, indeed it seemed his feuds were largely with the women of the house, Lisa, Rebecca and Kathreya were on the receiving end of Rex’s barbed comments, though he saved his very best for Rachel.

The Whisper Club consisting of Luke, Rebecca, Mario and Jen were suspicious of Rachel and it was their initial mistrust of her that led others to constantly question her motives. Like a dog with a bone, Rex continued to gnaw at her and undermine, admitting that he was trying to break her. His criticism was extremely harsh and made for uncomfortable viewing at times. Yet through all this she never complained to Big Brother.

Eventually he admitted that Rachel’s ability to find joy in the simple pleasures in life was something that he had lost.

“If it doesn’t sparkle… I’m not interested” was Rex’s motto - suggesting that his bling and buy lifestyle was the only way to live.

Rex continued to push the boundaries in the BB house, becoming untouchable, having been up for nomination and saved several times, his fellow housemates believed that the public adored him. This may have been the reason why they allowed him to get away with so much.

In a fit of boredom, he tampered with Jen’s picture and he came unstuck. Pandemonium erupted and under a barrage of anger from several in the house, particularly Dale & Stu, he apologized to Jen, throughout all this he remained calm and in complete control, handling the situation admirably.

A risk-taker, who sought approval from no-one, Rex was not afraid of the consequences, possibly because at that time in the game, winning was not important to him.

Ordering 57 of Big Brothers’s ever changing special prizes was a stroke of genius – declaring it to be like “a big slap in the face to the housemates”, and that it was funny imagining Big Brothers’s minions running around trying to amass them.

BB is not to be played with, and delivered an even bigger slap, by sending in Nicole as the 57th ever changing special prize. Rex had often talked about his Princess and how much he missed her and yet after the initial excitement of her arrival had worn off the pair bickered non stop. He alternated between being the consummate boyfriend showering her with kisses, hugs and affection and the ultimate control freak, manipulative and controlling.

Something strange and wonderful happened when he realized that Lisa and Luke guessed incorrectly that suspect no.6 was his girlfriend – he had a temper tantrum, the usually unflappable scoundrel let rip at their supposed ineptitude and was appalled at their choice.

Rex rarely showed his vulnerable side, although in a rare moment in the Diary Room, whilst dressed as a seal, he revealed that he was feeling very low, was not fitting in and that his only real friend was Mohamed and that he wanted to leave (once too often for Mikey)

However, he did go on to form close friendships with some of the group, in particular with Darnell.

Rex you are one of THE most original and entertaining housemates – don’t ever change.

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