Diagnosis Dawnuss

Day 87 21:06
By Dawnuss

Lisa Appleton became the 11th housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house with one of the closest results in BB history. The 40 year old sales rep lost out to good friend Sara after receiving 52.6% of the public vote.

This wasn’t the first time Lisa made Big Brother history and it wouldn’t be the last. The Mom from Warrington was part of the first ever Big Brother couple to enter the house when she waltzed in with partner Mario Marconi, looking shell shocked and dazed, however we soon came to realize that this was Lisa’s natural expression.

Lisa was quickly put to the test in the first task of the series, as Mario had to feign a relationship and marriage with fellow housemate 19 year old Stephanie McMichael.

Lisa appeared to cope admirably with seeing her beloved paired with a younger, blonde female, yet with her expressionless face, it was difficult to tell.

Lisa, an ex bodybuilder, was quite an imposing figure in the house and some questioned her femininity, however she was supremely confident with her appearance, it probably had something to do with the large amount of time she and Mario spent exfoliating and tanning each other. They made a good team and worked very well apart from the week Mario was nominated and he took his frustrations out on her. His eviction worked in her favour, as she was a little overshadowed by his more forceful personality and she really came into her own after his departure.

Much of her time in the house revolved around telling intriguing tales of little green men, crystal balls and friendships with DNA discoverers, her captive audience listening intently. Lisa was a good team player and one of the few housemates that attempted to stand up to Rex, who was a catalyst in her dramatic bid for escape from the Big Brother House.

Indeed Lisa faired very well during BB9, she made history on the show once again when Mario asked for her hand in marriage and for once we saw an emotional Lisa’s face begin to crumble into tears of happiness, and sharing a prize of £25,000 with Sara was the icing on the cake.

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