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Alex Heriz-Jones - Seven Days
Alex Heriz-Jones

Age (at start of series): 30

Home: Notting Hill

Occupation: Freelance jeweller/ designer


Interesting facts: Alex is one of Notting Hill’s most glamorous residents. She’s an only child from a comfortable background and has an eclectic social circle. After graduating from University, Alex became a freelance jeweller and women’s wear designer. As a designer, she has been featured in Die Model WG. Last year Alex was diagnosed with cervical cancer. She has undergone two operations and is currently waiting for test results to get the all clear. She is currently single.

Tweets from mylogoldust
beautiful day in the notting hill sunshine potting plants on the roof!bless everyone hope we all had a lovely day!
25 Mar 6.16pm
Some dates you just look SUPER forward too :P
20 Mar 10.22pm
RT @rjd2: Pretweet somebody today. Steal their thunder.
17 Mar 10.34pm
I'm cold today:(
16 Mar 3.17pm
WARREN TODD - property developer KILLING PORTOBELLO Market plz join the save portabello facebook campaign, 30,000 people have.STOP THE SHOPS
14 Mar 10.14pm
woahh trapping thumb in door sure hurt
12 Mar 7 pm
misses the blue skies of verbier - and the hot swedish snowboarders lol
10 Mar 10.52pm
Last day in Verbier Happy MARDI GRAS everyone!
8 Mar 9.15am
Has a cold (day 4 ) and can't snowboard:(
5 Mar 8.28am
Snowboarding in VERBIER!! AMAZING FUN!!!!
25 Feb 4.19pm
looking after 2 v cute kittens....oh and snowboarding verbier in 2 days!
20 Feb 11.12pm
Cooking! For Sara & Olivia, pattern cutters extraordinaire:p
17 Feb 8.47pm
perfect dream - verbier in 1 week
13 Feb 1.41pm
Wow braces hurt:(
11 Feb 10.27pm
Got serious giggles in the gym....
8 Feb 8.58pm
LOVE Apple HATE APPLE "advice" mis-sold a new nano - DOESN'T play videos, and apparently non-exchangeable even I asked first- and was a yes
7 Feb 8.55pm
Hope I don't break my tailbone snowboarding or as my dad suggested "board off a cliff"HORROR OF HORRORS
5 Feb 9 pm
RT @Schofe: Well done Fox News. Managed to put Egypt on the wrong continent!
2 Feb 8.20pm
Check this video out -- The Temper Trap - Fader via @youtube
29 Jan 9.28pm
Check this video out -- Tron: Legacy Movie Clip "Sirens Dress Sam" Official (HD) via @youtube
29 Jan 9.27pm
While I'm here N.E.R.D whats with your line "cheat like a LEO"?!! I'm a Libra but what if I was to like a LEO?! ABSURD
29 Jan 8.34pm
LOVED TRON LEGACY.....especially Daft Punk DJing!High five!!!
29 Jan 8.31pm
Check this video out -- BMX Bikers All Fall At Starting Line via @youtube
25 Jan 10.46pm
Some men are more fun to watch in the gym...than others!!!
25 Jan 12.50pm
Arghhh these SLEEPLESS nights when I can't even watch Tron Legacy SUCK!!!
24 Jan 11.45pm
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