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Ben Papantoniou - Seven Days
Ben Papantoniou

Age (at start of series): 27

Home: Notting Hill

Occupation: Estate Agent

Status: Single

Interesting facts: Ben currently lives in Notting Hill with his mum. By day you’ll find him working as an estate agent – a job he loves. Ben’s half Greek and he’ll often sneak over to see his Dad for a cheeky holiday and top up his tan. His life ethic is work hard and play hard. His other love in life is women.

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Tweets from bentonio9
FB - ben papantoniou - any ideas ? x
4 Jan 12.39pm
Well well well... Its 2011!! came so quickly.. I am back to the real world and need to start doing work!!! HELP ! x
4 Jan 12.39pm
@GraceFowkes actually i do x i ve been there x
4 Jan 12.37pm
@SaskiaSzo aaaah x u know dis!!! x
4 Jan 12.37pm
Whats John Noel Management to get back to him.. PLEASE!!!! xx
9 Dec 11.35am
@sarahlouise248 you look like a man in drag love...
9 Dec 11.33am
@The_Lonsdale Hey so sorry i couldnt make it to the quiz the other night! Pls do let me know about any further things coming up ! be there x
9 Dec 11.32am
@RiskyJavan What up ?? hows it all going ???
9 Dec 11.30am
@harveyjayxxx hey Just been busy with work and stuff... I am back now !!! xxx Hows u ?
9 Dec 11.29am
@CharlottieeeC hey miss u to babes xxx
9 Dec 11.27am
@Dandouneh86 Hey x
9 Dec 11.27am
@Rosaey Hey babe, what do u recommend xx ?
9 Dec 11.27am
@Lawabidingc 150 pm mate tooo much still !
16 Nov 10.20pm
@sarahlouise248 oh i get it ur so fu#*$ng ugly that u feel the need to insult others.. I've come across ur type before... pls do not reply!
16 Nov 10.18pm
@GeorgiaEdenH and your v pretty, thanks for watching x
16 Nov 6.29pm
@The_Lonsdale hey !! What time is this happening then ?? :)
16 Nov 6.28pm
Contacted a few agents today.. see what happens... Come on!!!!
16 Nov 6.26pm
Getting ready to go to a v expensive gym on Westbourne Grove in a bit to do some training!! For £150 pm it had better be good!!
16 Nov 6.26pm
Hey guys and gals... Add me on FB @ ben papantoniou xxxx
15 Nov 11 am
Well now that the show is over... i realize how much i loved being filmed!! I could keep doing Tv stuff if i was given the chance xxx ;)
13 Nov 2.59pm
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