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Cassie Goldman - Seven Days
Cassie Goldman

Age (at start of series): 36

Home: Notting Hill

Occupation: Commercial pilot

Status: Married

Interesting facts: Mum of three Cassie is married to Phillip. She counts extreme skiing and biking among her interests. Her latest baby was born at the start of September adding a boy to her 17 month old twin girls. She comes from a large bohemian family who still live in the area. Cassie’s a born and bred Notting Hill girl and can’t imagine living anywhere else in the world.

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Yonah Acosta was smokin' at the Royal Albert Hall on Wednesday night. Amazing talent, v sexy! #ENBRomeoandJuliet@YonahAcosta@RoyalAlbertHall
13 June 2.58pm
16 July 7.38pm
I just supported @TheSundayTimes campaign to protect children on the internet: #ProtectOurKids
29 June 9.05pm
The years thunder by The dreams of youth grow dim where they lie caked in dust on the shelves of patience B4 we know it, the tomb is sealed
2 June 10.52pm
The solution is an onion bagel with peanut butter
2 June 10.48pm
@MarshStefanie Oooh, cut me right to the heart. I can't help it if you have no artistic appreciation at all.
2 June 10.38pm
@MarshStefanie @bopanc @BritishMonarchy @danhind Funny, because they're all falling over themselves to meet you, Stef
2 June 10.37pm
@MarshStefanie Your kinda shop. You should move here. It's so you
31 May 7.36pm
@MarshStefanie Got the need for a knitting needle yet? I have just seen the Oscar crime scene photos and wish I hadn't #gruesome
31 May 7.10pm
@TheManOnCouch Night fella, catchya tomorrow
30 May 10.33pm
@TheManOnCouch Who changes the camera from Camera 1 to Camera 2?
30 May 10.29pm
@TheManOnCouch But how do we send you stuff???? Games is cheating, no?
30 May 10.26pm
@TheManOnCouch How do we send you stuff? You want fruit? I've got fruit. are you alone in the room?
30 May 10.22pm
@TheManOnCouch Hello, you're cute! How old are you and where in the UK are you sitting?
30 May 10.16pm
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