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Javan - Seven Days

Age (at start of series): 21

Home: Notting Hill

Occupation: Aspiring musician/performer and part-time youth worker


Interesting facts: Javan’s what you’d probably call a natural leader and looks after a close group of friends who he affectionately calls his ‘boys’. He used to get into trouble for hanging out on the streets, but now he focuses any negative energy he has on music and dance. Javan is part of the SPMG Crew (Skilled Performers Making Greatness) and is a part-time Youth Worker for ‘Chelsea Kickz’, teaching football skills to children. Javan’s mother died four years ago, leaving him and three siblings.

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Javan Talks Hats, Ben and Onion
Risky Javan is Bang on form
Javan still believes in Laura Z's song making it to number one?
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