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Laura Stevens-Ward - Seven Days
Laura Stevens-Ward

Age (at start of series): 27

Home: Notting Hill

Occupation: Self-employed

Status: Single

Interesting facts: Party girl Laura is a familiar face on the Notting Hill scene. Laura’s very family orientated and has lived in Notting Hill all her life. Having resigned from her job as an estate agent she’s in the process of deciding on a new direction for her life.

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Tweets from LauraSWard
@iamdiddy welcome to london whr r u hanging out! What parties will u b at? Bless u xxxxxxxxx
20 Jan 2.33pm
Thank You :)
9 Dec 9.57am
@RevRunWisdom Humble Crumble. X
28 Nov 8.33am
@rexnewmark like bret xxxxx
18 Nov 5.57pm
@AntennaOnline goodluck my star of nyc xooxoxo
15 Nov 10.33pm
Angels Walk In Mysterious Ways xx
11 Nov 10.29am
@susannagee u ok susanna xx
9 Nov 2.25pm
@MissKatiePrice that was scary!!
8 Nov 9.09pm
@rexnewmark dracularrrrrrrr xxxx love u xxxx
30 Oct 4.04pm
@rexnewmark xxxxxxxxx
29 Oct 8.16pm
@rexnewmark babe call me back can't get hold of u xxxx
21 Oct 3.54pm
Slow Jamz! Xxxxxxx
18 Oct 3.40pm
Laura One Love.....To every 1 come to Powis Festival tomorrow to order your personalised T Shirts!!! Xxxxx
16 Oct 2.28pm
@susannagee did u forget about me susanne!
16 Oct 11.47am
@rexnewmark ha ha it will be murder on the dance floor x
15 Oct 2.08pm
@Iyreee well I deem ballet as its a plan but u can resist anything but temptation! And I havnt been to the west end in a while! X
15 Oct 12.48pm
Do I go out with @rexnewmark tonight and have a wild 1 in the west or be a good girl and attend my ballet class on saturday!
15 Oct 12.38pm
@RevRunWisdom Amazing grace all over the place.
14 Oct 8.32pm
@rexnewmark ahh bless u rex such a shame u and ur family are not in it at the mo miss u xxxxx
13 Oct 11.09am
RT @rexnewmark: Well I'm glad my best female friend @LauraSWard is coming across well on seven days !xxx well done laws !!X love to you ...
12 Oct 10.54pm
@etheya I'm just looking for a basic one for now as its the initial stages its for my clothing designs and quotes!
11 Oct 1.59pm
@susannagee yes susanna and ballet xxxxx
11 Oct 11.30am
Who wants to help me with my website?
11 Oct 11.29am
Laura one love
10 Oct 2.31pm
Off to meet susanna x
8 Oct 10.46am
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