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Lawei - Seven Days

Age (at start of series): 21

Home: Notting Hill

Occupation: Unemployed/ musician, rapper


Interesting facts: Lawei was adopted when he was two and moved to the Notting Hill area two years ago. He is good friends with Javan and is a member of the SPMG crew. Lawei is a keen musician and has penned over 500 songs about things that affect his day-to-day life. His girlfriend Kaylee is almost five months pregnant.

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@thegame “I ain’t a dead president but I lurrvvvv millions! Blood chilling...”
Monday 4.06pm
“Women’s world we don’t watch nixxas...” - @Skepta
Saturday 4.43pm
So the @WSTRNmusic listening party last night was amazing! Saw these brothers put everything into this record! Hats off to the team: @prgrshn @thisisangel @HaileWSTRN @LouisReiWSTRN @MorganKeyz #DOU3LE3AK
Friday 10.05am
@alwayssimma Facts. Tbh... my room needs one of these joints.
Thursday 11.29pm
@FifiAnicah Hey gyal! Just cool nuh?! 😤
Thursday 10.53pm
Thursday 10.37pm
Talk’s cheap & you sound like a rip off. 😤😷
8 Oct 5.42pm
@beatchild 👀 how good we talking? Studio mic comparable?? (Within reason, lol)
8 Oct 2.54am
@jammerbbk Who you think’s winning that..? Honestly. 👀
5 Oct 10.14am
Hope you need me like you want me...
4 Oct 8.28pm
No clue, but I think everybody should RT this cause she needs to know ‘bout your work like yesterday! ⏳🤷🏾‍♂️
4 Oct 7.12pm
@Jpizzledizzle Wilder gonna brush him 😂😂
4 Oct 7.06pm
@alwayssimma Always.
4 Oct 1.03pm
@EsterinaBacali You see this yeah.... 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
4 Oct 1.02pm
4 Oct 11.40am
Lol... Wilder is defo knocking AJ out! - don’t @ me.
3 Oct 2.37pm
Watching @chanteaadams & @NiaLong in this new @ImroxanneShante movie! (Again)🍿🎥
2 Oct 2.14am
@iseeJONES “Worst Nightmare” + everything else 🤯😂
1 Oct 9.54pm
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