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Moktar Alatas - Seven Days
Moktar Alatas

Age (at start of series): 18

Home: Notting Hill

Occupation: Student and young entrepreneur


Interesting facts: Moktar’s a young British Muslim who’s about to start University in London. He spends a lot of his spare time working with the Octavia foundation, a charity that runs youth projects in the local area. Most recently he’s pioneered a new project called ‘Aspire to Inspire’ which aims to get young people off the streets and into employment. He’s a strict Muslim and doesn’t believe in sex before marriage.

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Tweets from Moktar_Alatas
Rabbit Row. My old flat, now gentrified.
1 July 2.16pm
1 July 1.16am
Midnight. cafe. chillin.
30 June 11.13pm
Just posted a photo
30 June 11.06pm
when you wake up in the morning, do you smile at how lucky you are or do you ask yourself how life got this bad?
30 June 10.38am
RT @InjusticeFacts: In 2010 the world spent $1618 billion on weapons and destruction enough to feed 8 billion hungry human beings for a ...
26 June 11.55pm
Don't settle for any less than what you would want for your children
26 June 11.19pm
RT @ManUtd_Es: We'll keep our red flag flying high cause Manchester United WILL NEVER DIE
26 June 10.57pm
a2i is coming along!! Were looking to start three projects from September
7 July 1.31am
RT @WhaHos: @Moktar_Alatas How is the charity work going
7 July 1.30am
Just got back on this twitter thing... Need to get active
6 July 3.57pm
need to get back onto this twitter thing
24 June 5 pm
a2i website almost there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
30 Oct 9.28pm
yoo peops! hope all is good...havn't been on for a while but no worries jus a crazy busy time for me...JUS TURNED 19 BTW... watch this space
30 Oct 9.27pm
Moktar Alatas yoooooo people i need 20 names for a big boi apprentiship event this coming tuesday... first come first serve!
29 Oct 5.45pm
BIGUP mum, all those compliments on her food has got her thinking about opening up a lil spot in Portobello market
27 Oct 12.34pm
20 Oct 11.18pm
U gta love some of these characters. BIG UP MALCOLM FOR TAKING ON JAVAN!! NEED MORE SOLIDARITY!!!!!!!
19 Oct 9.35pm
18 Oct 7.50pm
Here's a question: y's the re-offending rate in this country soo highh? Nehow, thanks for all the support guys! (WEBSITE UNDER CNSTRUCTION)
18 Oct 7.17pm
Thanks for the suggestions. I went for a Mixed Grill in the end
13 Oct 2.21pm
I'm with the crew filming. What shall I eat for lunch? Shawarma or mixed grill?moktar
13 Oct 12.48pm
a2i website coming soooooooooooooooooooon!
7 Oct 12.19pm
Just got back from OXFORD UNIII for a screening of HiddenHerstories the second film i Co-produced!
6 Oct 9.05pm
Just got back from OXFORD UNIII for a screening of HiddenHerstories the second film i Co-produced! BIG UP OCTAVIA FOUNDATION!!
6 Oct 8.27pm
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