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Naomi - Seven Days

Age (at start of series): 18

Home: Notting Hill

Occupation: Student

Status: Single

Interesting facts: Outspoken Naomi is an 18 year-old college student. She’s newly single after ending a two year on-off relationship with Javan. She prides herself on her quirky, colourful sense of style.

Tweets from Leggingz
Yayyy bbs backkk !!
11 Oct 12.04am
RT @NayTweeets: @Leggingz LOOOOOOOOOOOL OMG! I had cereal last night! I never knew it tasted SOOOO NICE! « Pahahhhahahahahhahahah
10 Oct 11.58pm
RT @Yaz_Doll: @Leggingz alie some 5* shit. Fackin jummi mate « kmt sum king shit
10 Oct 11.53pm
RT @JuicyyPeachh: RT @AshleighC__xo: #Misfits wont be the same without Nathan
10 Oct 11.52pm
10 Oct 11.50pm
Why does food taste so banging when ur high?
10 Oct 11.47pm
When I wake up bbm better b workin #ThatIsAll
10 Oct 11.42pm
RT @C_Doll_xx: RT @Leggingz: @C_Doll_xx pahaaa u juggernaut < LOOOL that's defo a new one! Added to nays (cont)
10 Oct 11.39pm
Sooo what's app is the new bbm looool
10 Oct 11.30pm
RT @C_Doll_xx: @Leggingz I kno where u live! « No but what I'm sayin is after u do that where u gunna live ?
10 Oct 11.18pm
RT @CowabongDuke_AD: @Leggingz awks lol...but wen u said "shes sexy #homo" « was making jokes pahhaaa
10 Oct 11.14pm
RT @C_Doll_xx: If @Leggingz ignores another one of ma mentions am gonna come 2 her hs and egg her window #thatisall « AN LIVE WHERE?
10 Oct 11.11pm
RT @JKing_SMRD: @Leggingz I herd u make leggingz look "lethal" that's y ur called leggingz... I (cont)
10 Oct 10.51pm
RT @JKing_SMRD: “@Leggingz: She's sexy #Homo” told u « just joking I'm STRICTLY DICKLY I told u
10 Oct 10.35pm
RT @MerkyACE: One gyal to mi wobbler « pahahhaaaa what's a wobbler :/
9 Oct 4.16pm
RT @Yaz_Doll: Me @C_Doll_xx @SDollx @Leggingz @DollFaceMelly and I don't know where sineads gone need a (cont)
9 Oct 3.55pm
I laavvv @ChoiceFM :D brightens up my journeys !!
9 Oct 3.12pm
There's always one crazy motherfucker on the 207
9 Oct 2.32pm
RT @Miss_PhiPhi: I told @Leggingz my dying love 4 @IamFazer n she laughed @ me « -_- get a grip woman
9 Oct 2.18pm
I just wanna go sleep !! I'm stressed out already
9 Oct 1.43pm
RT @Juanita_Day: @Leggingz topshop #thatisall lalalalalalalaauuywydytyydyt « LOL
9 Oct 12.18pm
RT @MrsSongz__: ? RT @Leggingz: I cheated on my fears, broke up with my doubts, got engaged to my faith and now I'm marrying my dreams
9 Oct 8 am
RT @UKRomez: #PeopleWhoAreOverRated @Leggingz Na Jus Playing Loool :p « LOOL Mean
9 Oct 7.59am
RT @TanaaBellaa: RT @iiRespect_Women: #ThingsPeopleShouldNotDo ACT single when ur in a relationship.
9 Oct 7.50am
I cheated on my fears, broke up with my doubts, got engaged to my faith and now I'm marrying my dreams
9 Oct 7.36am
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