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Onion - Seven Days

Age (at start of series): 11

Home: Notting Hill

Occupation: Being a dog

Status: Single

Interesting facts: Onion’s a bit of a local celebrity along Portobello Road and there’s nothing he loves more than having a little poke around. At the ripe old age of eleven years, like most, Onion loves a good feed. If you’re going on a road trip, then he’s your perfect companion in the passenger seat but be warned, don’t scratch his ears or belly. If you’re another dog you’d better stay clear because he’s not a fan. One last thing, never ever ignore him, that’s one way to fast-track into his bad books.

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Tweets from onion_lee
is doing the dog!
28 Apr 10.07am
is knackerd from day in Portobello with mates.
21 Jan 10.03pm
6 Jan 10.05pm
yesterday the councill sent bailffs and closed the salon merry xmas
23 Dec 8.49am
cher please go!!!
5 Dec 7.37pm
having a break in Bournemouth,with @samantha-rowley and John,woof.
27 Nov 5.45pm
@susannagee you look great,
24 Nov 10.10am
woof woof woof
23 Nov 11.06am
@mothroth thanx
18 Nov 10.52am
@mothroth woof woof
17 Nov 4.48pm
is wearing a blue jumper
17 Nov 10.39am
so who pays for this wedding?us!
16 Nov 7.32pm
needs a new jumper!
16 Nov 11.40am
wanna go home to bed already
15 Nov 10.53am
@mothroth woof woof
14 Nov 11.45pm
@EllyRansom woof woof
14 Nov 11.45pm
Rebecca to win
13 Nov 9.27pm
@mothroth woof woof
12 Nov 11.19pm
Skyline don't bother!
12 Nov 11.18pm
@mothroth children of vision 195 portobello rd w11 2ed,woof woof
12 Nov 12.16pm
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