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Samantha Rowley - Seven Days
Samantha Rowley

Age (at start of series): 22

Home: Notting Hill

Occupation: Model and TV presenter

Status: Single

Interesting facts: Glamorous Samantha previously enjoyed a taste of fame when she reached the finals of an early series of Make Me A Supermodel. She also has a successful modelling career. Samantha sees herself as outgoing, ambitious, savvy, and forthright and hangs around in the right circles. Samantha is currently trying to launch an acting career

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Tweets from samantha_rowley
Peppa Wutz Deutsch Neue Folgen Lang New 2014 Deutsch
8 Nov 9.13am
@alcanlin standards?! They put the wiesel off the X factor on it that we've been waiting to see the back of for god knows how long #vermin
22 Jan 11.21pm
@MM_MU so you agree then. Have a good evening!
22 Jan 11.14pm
@MM_MU name one other contestant and let me know how they're managing to entertain you with their incredible talents??? ;-)
22 Jan 10.38pm
@alcanlin anyone who used to be famous that considers the pay packet worth the humiliation I guess. Lovin it. LOVE speidi!!!
22 Jan 10.11pm
If #spiedi weren't in #cbb it would basically just be a late night fat version of #loosewomen
22 Jan 10.03pm
#spiedi to win #cbb the rest of them are boring losers speidi are so right!
22 Jan 10 pm
@alcanlin it's kinda boring the whole mark right wannabe thing is so done now #spencer #madeinchelsea
18 Dec 12.25am
@alcanlin all hail the slapper, I wldnt normally condone the bitch slap but in quasi's case it must've been 2 irresistible! #madeinchelsea
18 Dec 12.18am
LMFAO Millie #madeinchelsea
18 Dec 12.06am
@C_Mcfc is she the rat hoe that's trying to get with quasi?
18 Dec 12.02am
@C_Mcfc pahaaaa
17 Dec 11.54pm
Is it just me or is there a small resemblance between Spencer #madeinchelsea and Quasimodo?
17 Dec 11.48pm
Being pregnant is great. Especially when the baby does a round house kick on your kidney!!! #owww
3 Dec 7.28pm
@rickygervais there is nothing related to cancer that could possibly ever be funny
24 Nov 8.36pm
How did Jahmenes mum get a makeover and they didn't sort the hair out? #xfactor
24 Nov 8.33pm
Pahaaahah all the contestants on #imacelebrity are really having to work for their money this year!
17 Nov 10.31pm
Isn't it funny the things you get off on when you're older? #tilesamples :-D
16 Nov 9 pm
@danbrusca thanks not long to go x
9 Nov 3.19pm
Yummy :-) #pregnantcravings
9 Nov 3.14pm
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